Free at last

After my long stint in hospital (June to October) I have finally Moved to different accommodation to convalesce, as The Carers & District Nurses at home were not able to meet my needs whilst I was at home. Which to be honest is a bit of a relief, as I never really liked it there anyway, what with all the young drug users, criminals and all sorts of other undesirables living there, it was less than ideal with my deteriorating health, besides which the District Nurses were absolutely useless.
So hopefully I will now start getting the healthcare I actually need and will start to get better. Besides the people here are really nice and there is so much more to do here, so I almost feel like I’ve had a second chance.
I was orinally admitted to hospital again on Saturday 5th June 2010, after the really bad wound  started to deteriorate again, despite having regular visits from the District Nurses, it got worse because they were absolutely useless. So off to hospital I went. Luckily I had plenty of films to watch, the World Cup and Glastonbury were also taking place at the time so I was able to watch some coverage of both events & I had loads of visitors.


Here are some more of the things I have been doing during that time

I Shall wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett

I am a big Terry Pratchett fan, I think his novels are hilarious. So I decided to get the latest novel “I Shall Wear Midnight”. This features Teenage Witch Tiffany Aching, who finds herself on the teeming streets on Ankh Morpork after rescuing a young girl. As ever she is accompanied by he rather mischievous companions “The Nac Mac Feegle” who are determined to help her whether she wants it or not (That is in between punch-ups or Drinking alcohol)

Whilst in Ankh Morpork they eet some very strange characters including Mrs Proust, Wee Mad Arthur and a sinister chap named “The Cunning Man” who begins to take rather an unhealthy interest in Tiffany

Oh What carry on

Recently a whole slew of Carry-On films were free with the paper, and being desperate for a laugh after spending so much time in hospital, I was most glad when some kind soul collected them for me. DVDs in the set were

*Carry on up the Jungle
*Carry on a your Convenience
*carry on Doctor
*Carry on Camping
*Carry on Matron
*Carry on up the Khyber
*Carry on Abroad
*Carry on Henry
*Carry on Don’t Lose Your Head
*Carry on Girls
*Carry on Loving
*Carry on Dick

More Events I missed due to being ill

Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival

I have been a regular at this event for the past few years now, and it was really frustrating not to be able to go to this years event, due to my continuing ill health. As usual it took place over the August Bank Holiday from 27th August until the 5th September.

On Sunday 29th August there was an all day concert in the High Street, featuring many great bands, such as: Booyaka, Barrel’o’Baddies Antisocial Misfits, Cracked Actors, Ragman Jones & The Groundhogs. There was also a food fayre which would have been an ideal opportunity to sample loads of local brews whilst listening to the music.

The day after, Monday 30th August the action went down to the Quayside, which played host to performances by Claire Hammill, Tony Russell, Emma & the Professor, Nick Padgett & Jake Flowers.

There was also an organ recital in a local church by a well known organist named William Nicholson on Monday.

The following Weekend there was another concert this time in the Castle Grounds which featured performances by even more local bands.


Bridgnorth Beer Festival

This would have been another fantastic opportunity to sample loads of local and not-so-local brews, it took place from Thursday 16th September until Sunday 19th September, down at the Severn Valley Railway station in Bridgnorth. I have been down there for the past few years and have always had a great time, the people are nice, there is a great atmosphere and there is plenty of Motive power to watch as you drink your pint of Shropshire Lad or Titanic White Star, although trying to photograph the locomotives as they go by, after drinking a few is another matter entirely lol.

Two more films I have recently watched

All the Right Moves
I have also recently watched this coming-of-age tale starring Tom Cruise & Lea Thompson and set among the bleak steel mills of Pittsburg. Cruise plays a talented football star named Djordjevic whose best chance of escaping a really grim future working in the local steel mills is to gain a football scholarship at college.

Unfortunately a foolish act one night involving his coach (Craig T Nelson) threatens to undermine his chances of escape & scupper his chances of a better life…
It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
Crazy caper movie featuring an all star cast of Sid Ceasar , Spencer Tracey, Mickey Rooney, Ethel Merman, Phil Silvers, Terry Thomas, Buster Keaton, Jimmy Durante and Peter Falk among many others. Which starts when a group of people witness a car crash whilst travelling along a road, so naturally they all go to help, and they learn from the driver that there is vast sum of money buried somewhere. This starts a madcap dash across America a they all double cross each other and desperately try to get to the money first.

More hilarious DVDs I have watched

Whilst in hospital I recently watched this delightfully silly Mel Brooks send-up of various space movies. It starts when Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga) from the peaceful planet of Druidia, gets captured by the forces of the evil Lord Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) and held to ransom. So A charming rogue named Lone Star (Bill Pullman) and his half-dog half-human co-pilot Barf (John Candy) are given the job of rescuing her.
Extras Series two
Some kind soul also let be borrow this whilst I was in hospital, which gave me a good laugh. Once again it features some hilarious cameos from people like Orlando Bloom, Daniel Radcliff, Keith Chegwin, David Bowie, Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Diana Rigg. It follows the continuing struggles of hapless extra Andy Milman (Ricky Gervais) who despite his useless agent Darren (Stephen Merchant) and his dopey mate Maggie (Ashley Jansen) actually seems to be getting somewhere, after having had his script for a new sit-com accepted by the BBC. Called “When the Whistle Blows” it takes place in a factory.

Unfortunately after everyone has meddled with the script, the show turns out to be absolutely rubbish and Andy finds that his original intentions of getting critical acclaim have been ousted in favour of making it appeal to the widest possible audience, which result in it being savaged by the critics.

So Andy is forced to work his way back up by first getting a film Part and then a part in a critically acclaimed play, to try and regain some sort of credibility. finally This appears to be paying off, when he is nominated for a BAFTA award, but he soon finds these also present problems of there own…