Pillars of the Earth

Ridley Scott’s glossy, exciting & rather blood-thirsty eight part dramatisation of Ken Follett’s awesome novel “Pillars of the Earth” is out on DVD, and having read both Pillars of the Earth & World without End, plus watching it on television, I would really like to get it, It has kept me glued to the television for weeks
It starts off with Tom (Rufus Sewell) and his heavily pregnant wife, son & daughter arriving in the town of Kingsbridge looking for work. Along the way he encounters a woman named Ellen (Sarah Parrish) who may or may not be a witch. Once he reaches Kingsbridge he is employed in the rebuilding of the cathedral
Meanwhile a ship carrying King Henry I’s sole heir, sinks off the coast in mysterious circumstances and the heir is presumed to have perished in the sinking. Upon hearing this news the villainous and scheming Arch Bishop Waleran (Ian McShane) wastes no time in stirring up even more trouble so he himself can become ruler

I would also like to read the latest Ken Follett Novel “The Fall of Giants” too

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