Robin Hood

Whilst in hospital I was able to watch the latest adaptation of Robin Hood. Directed by Ridley Scott it stars Russell Crow as Robert Longstride, an archer accompanying Richard The Lionheart on a Crusade in the Middle East, who escapes back to England disguised as a deceased chap named Robert Loxley.

Once back in England he discovers a land in turmoil, which is being slowly suffocated by the extortionate taxes imposed upon the people by the villainous King John. He also meets Loxley’s father (Max von Sydow) and his widow Lady Marion (Cate Blanchett), who decide to take him in, and discovers from a local Friar (Mark Addy) that the population is starving due to these extreme measures.

As If this wasn’t enough the villainous Sir Godfrey (Mark Strong) is also stirring up trouble by trying to get King Philip of France to invade England…

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