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White Christmas -Elvis Presley

This sunday a weekend newspaper is giving away an album of Christmas Songs done by the late Elvis Presley – and I am only just getting over all the Elvis DVDs I watched recently in hospital…eeeek! Still it might be good for a laugh…. but then again…Anyway at least it’s different, it’ll make a change from the usual Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra (mind you Just because it is different it doesn’t mean it’s good)

Here Comes Santa Claus

For a young rebel, Elvis had quite traditional tastes, and this jaunty tune was another Forties classic, written by ‘The Singing Cowboy’, Gene Autry.

Blue Christmas
Elvis’s version of this 1948 country lament added rock ’n’ roll touches while enshrining the song as a Christmas standard.

Santa Claus Is Back In Town
This erupts into a storming, somewhat lascivious blues number and
was Elvis’s choice to open his first festive record.

Silent Night
Elvis is one of more than 300 artists to have recorded a version of this. Bing Crosby, the Christmas specialist, got there first, of course.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas
Another adaptation of an old Bing Crosby hit which was the most popular request among serving American soldiers during the Second World War. Within months of releasing his own version, Elvis would be drafted.

O Come All Ye Faithful
A grand interpretation with crashing drums, orchestra and choir, this opened Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas, his second Christmas album.

Santa Bring My Baby Back
One of two songs commissioned for Elvis’s Christmas Album, this swinging number was penned by two Presley writers, Schroeder and Demetrius. Schroeder later wrote It’s Now Or Never.

O Little Town Of Bethlehem
Back in reflective mood, The King croons his way through this timeless carol in its less familiar US version.

The First Noel
Elvis captures the sound of a church recital with this take on a devotional favourite, adorned with organ, piano and choir.

Winter Wonderland
Back to his country

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Daily Mail – The War Years

The series “The War Years” was recently given away by the Mail Newspaper on DVD, to mark Armistice day & Remembrance Sunday.  It features the episodes

The War Years 1939

A year in which the move towards war seemed inevitable, yet unreal. All the signs pointed to the coming conflict and yet the people of Europe endeavoured to lead normal lives while preparations for hostilities continued apace.

The War Years 1940
The Allies faced the fascist threat with resolve and courage, but had little idea of the power of Germany. Hitler’s forces made steady progress through Europe as Finland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and Holland all fell.

The War Years 1941
While the Nazis had made steady progress throughout 1940, 1941 saw them widen their operations. By the end of the year Yugoslavia, Greece and Bulgaria had joined the Axis Forces. While in the Pacific, tension was mounting between Japan and the USA.

The War Years 1942
By now, the USA had fully committed to the Allied cause; a turning point in the war had been reached. In North Africa, Montgomery took over command of Allied forces and with fresh troops and equipment, their fortunes slowly changed.

The War Years 1943
This was the year in which the Allies made steady progress against the Nazis. On all fronts the Nazis started to fall back. In Stalingrad, the German forces surrendered to Russia and within a month of their failure at Stalingrad, the Germans were in retreat.

The War Years 1944
During this year the outcome of the war was decided. Although peace would not come until 1945, 1944 saw the moves which undermined any chance of Nazi success. The Allied march through Italy culminated in a triumphal entry into to Rome.

The War Years 1945
A new year dawned with the world still at war, but it would end with peace and the beginning of a new era in world history. In March of 1945 the Allies crossed the Rhine and reached Berlin a month later, signalling the beginning of the end.

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Tina Turner 15 Great Hits

This CD was givenaway with a Sunday Newspaper recently. It features some great tracks:

What’s Love Got To Do With It (Live)
The Best
Private Dancer
River Deep Mountain High (Live)
Missing You
Steamy Windows (Live)
I Can’t Stand The Rain
Proud Mary
When The Heartache Is Over
Nutbush City Limits
I Don’t Wanna Fight
On Silent Wings
Why Must We Wait Until Tonight

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World War II DVDs with Telegraph Newspaper

The Road To Armageddon

As the twentieth century dawned, Europe was enjoying one of its longest-ever periods of peace and prosperity. But forces were at work which would soon bring unprecedented death and destruction.

A Revolution in Warfare

1914-1918 saw the introduction of weapons which transformed the way in which future wars would be fought – the machine-gun, the tank, the fighter, the bomber, the submarine and the aircraft carrier.

The Rise of the Axis Tragically, the ‘War to end all wars’ turned out to be just a 20-year truce. As this ended, a new Axis of Evil, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, moved swiftly and brutally to dominate Europe.

The Tide Turns

During 1941, Hitler made his two fundamental errors – bringing in both the Soviet Union and the United States to fight alongside Britain. The Axis was doomed, but years of struggle still lay ahead.

The Allies Triumphant Japan’s assault on the United States at Pearl Harbour had turned a European war into a global conflict. Now the Allies had to fight for victory on every continent and in every ocean.

A New Era of Warfare
World War II was the most devastating and brutal ever fought. But it was swiftly followed by a 40-year confrontation which could have annihilated humanity.

Beyond The Cold WarThe nuclear stand-off between the United States and the Soviet Union maintained an uneasy peace between the superpowers, but it did not prevent smaller scale wars all around the world.