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Blondie – Parallel Lines

A weekend newspaper had a copy of Blondie’s classic 70’s album Parallel Lines with it, which features these awesome tracks

Hanging on the Telephone * One Way or Another  * Picture This  * Fade Away (And Radiate) * Pretty Baby * I Know but I Don’t Know * 11:59 * Will Anything happen * Sunday Girl  * Heart of Glass  * I’m Gonnna love You too * Just Go Away

In addition There are also three new tracks taken from the upcoming album “Panic of Girls”. These are

What I Heard * Girlie Girlie * Mother

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Whitch & Wizard by James Patterson & Grbrielle Charbonnet

A weekend newspaper recently offered readers the chance to pick up the latest book by James Patterson. Having already read loads of Patterson novels including Cat & Mouse, First to Die, I Alex Cross, Worst Case & Crossfire. I thought It would be a great read, Entitled Witch & Wizard, It sounds a bit like “Harry Potter” or “Lord of the Rings”.

It features a chap named Whit and his 15-year-old sister  Wisty, brother and sister, who are roused out of a good night’s sleep one night when the police burst into their home and arrest them. Their life is suddenly turned upside down when they are slammed into a secret prison for no obvious reason.

Meanwhile A totalitarian New Order has taken control of the government. The One Who Is The One has passed new laws that severely inhibit the citizens. They have banned Art, music, free expression, imagination, and magic, and if you are caught participating in any of these activities you are put in prison for rehabilitation or even executed.

Whilst trapped in this totalitarian nightmare, Wisty and Whit discover they have incredible powers they’d never dreamed of, and they find themselves having to master them very quickly, so that they can rescue their parents who are in mortal danger….