Lost Lines & Last days

 Along Lost Lines by Paul Atterbury
I’m a big fan of Paul Atterbury’s book, and as someone who was born after steam was abolished I think it is fascinating to be able to read about how the heritage movement was started & what it was like back then. This book features some wonderful photographs, and is A Nostalgic and fascinating book which looks at the glorious heritage of lost railway lines in Britain. The book contains archive photos which illustrate the way things used to be aswell as accounts from those who worked on the railways and photos of how the area looks now.

The book is divided into these chapters Southern England, Wales, Central England, East Anglia, Northern England & Scotland. Each chapter looks at subjects

The books also looks at the reasons why the closures were made and what became of the various structures afterwards and is a fascinating and nostalgic look back at a certain period of time, which is brought vividly to life through the means of words & photographs.

Last Days of Steam on the LMS & BR by Roderick E Fowkes
Using an awesome collection of archive photographs which show how things really were & a treasure trove of memories from someone who was there and remembers it well, this is a nostalgic look at Britain’s Railways through the eyes of a chap whose boyhood dream it was to become an Engine Driver, but who was sadly denied due to medical reasons.
In the book he reminisces about his experiences of growing up with steam, getting his first job on the railway as a junior Porter and gradually working his way up until he becomes part of the senior management at the station nineteen years later, and goes right up to the point where steam is phased out in the 1960’s to make way for the then-government’s rather hastily thought out and executed plan of Modernisation & Dieselisation on Britain’s railways

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