Steam in the 21st Century

I’ve recently watched this really cool 3Disc DVD boxed-set again, which features The Battlefield Line, The West Somerset Railway and The Severn Valley Railway.

Disc One features The Battlefield Line during a Thomas the Tank Engine event. This line acquired it’s name when they relayed the track on part of the ground where The Battle of Bosworth Field was fought in 1485. Originally opened in 1873 the line was called The Ashby & Nuneaton Joint Railway and stayed in business until it was closed in 1970.  Now Thanks to the efforts of many dedicated Rail Enthusiasts the line has been gradually reopened from Shackerstone to Shenton, and now features a wide variety of Rolling Stock including The diesel “Griffon” aswell as a museum The Battlefield Line
Disc two of Steam in the 21st Century travels on the West Somerset Railway from Minehead, to Norton Fitzwarren, which is home to the awesome SDJR 88.

 The DVD features the 2005 Spring Steam Gala, during which 12 Great Western Locomotives were in steam 😀 These included GWR3440 City of Truro, GWR6024 King Edward I, GWR5051 Earl Bathurst, GWR4936 Kinlet Hall & GWR7822 Foxcote Manor aswell as many other Prairie & Saddle Tank Engines. The program also features a shunting demonstration, which was also taking place at Minehead around the same time.

Disc three of Steam in the 21st Century travels the sixteen miles on the picturesque Severn Valley Railway from Kidderminster via Bewdley, Arley, Highley, Hampton Loade and on to Bridgnorth

The episode tells the convoluted history of the SVR from it’s conception to it’s eventual opening in 1862 some 20 yeas later, up until it’s closure in 1963 as a result of Dr Beeching’s recommendations, and thanks to the efforts of a number of  dedicated rail enthusiasts, it’s eventual reopening again in 1970 as a Heritage Line.  The disc also charts the progress of the reopened Heritage line from small beginnings to the highly successful & popular tourist attraction it is today, Locomotives featured in the DVD include Black 5 45110, Stanier 8f 48773, Ivatt class 2 46443, Stanier Mogul 42968 and GWR7802 Bradley Manor among many others.
Although The Boiler tickets on both LMS 5mt 45110 and LMS 8f 48773 have both expired so they are out of traffic at the moment,   Ivatt Class 4 43106 AKA “The Flying Pig” is back in traffic and No 1501 and the awesome Taw Valley are both currently being sorted among many others, so that’s something to look forward to

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