Steaming Around Britain – Triple DVD Collection

I have also recently watched this enjoyable collection of DVD’s again, featuring archive footage from around Britain. There are more in the series & this has really whet my appetite for more, so I may get the rest, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. DVD’s featured in this Boxed Set are:

The South West
This is a fascinating insight into the history of British steam in the South West of England. The DVD features the Axminster to Exeter route during the 1960’s. Weston-super-Mare to Fowey during the 1960’s, West Somerset Railway – which features the awesome SDJR 2-8-0 No 88. The Paignton & Dartmouth Railway – which feature many GWR 4-6-0 Manors, South Devon Railway, Bodmin & Wenford Railway, Steam in and around Dawlish & looks into the China Clay traffic which is an important industry down there.

The North West
This Fascinating DVD focuses on British Steam in the North West of England and features the West Coast Mainline during the  1960’s where many of the really big & most famous locomotives could be found, like the A4 Pacifics, BR Britannia’s and Coronation Scots. It also looks at the Settle and Carlisle railway during the 60’s which is still really popular today with steam enthusiasts aswell as the East Lancashire Railway, which is also still very popular.. The DVD also looks at The Lakeside & Haverthwaite, Ravenglass & Eskdale Railways. Isle of Man & Freight by rail.

The Final Years of BR Steam.
This is a poignant look at the end of British steam during the 1960’s. Featuring British Rail’s Steam operations during those last years, when some of these magnificent engines were starting to look a bit tired & neglected, which culminated in the Fifteen Guineas Special on 11th August 1968 , where magnificent engines  such as 70013 Oliver  Cromwell & Stanier Black Five no 45110 did a tour of Britain, pulling packed carriages round by steam for the last time, well actually Oliver Cromwell is still going strong & 45110 did sterling work on the Severn Valley Railway until last year when it’s boiler ticket ran out, it is now waiting to be overhauled.

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