Eeeek! There’s a shark in my bedroom

I really enjoyed watching this years Dr Who Christmas Special starring Katherine Jenkins & Michael Gambon. It was very poignant in parts & exciting in others.

It starts when The Doctor (Matt Smith) lands on a planet similar to Earth during Victorian Times & meets a really miserable old curmudgeon named Kazran Sardick (Gambon), who can control the weather and is able to save the lives of thousands of people, including Amy (Karen Gillan) who are plummeting towards certain doom aboard a stricken spaceship, but who is unwilling to do so.

So, being a Time Lord, The Doctor is able to travel back in time and find out why Sardick became the way he is, and finds a life full of sadness & tragedy, ruled by his domineering Father, and made worse by the knowledge that he will eventually lose the love of his life (Played by Katherine Jenkins) to a serious illness.

The Doctor must persuade Sardick to change his ways in order to save the lives of thousands of people, with a little help from Ms Jenkins.

Archive of British Steam DVD boxed set

For Christmas Santa brought me this wonderful 3 DVD Boxed-set, which features hours of footage taken around Britain’s Railways and features an impressive array of Steam Traction from around the Country.

The First DVD “British Steam in the 50’s & 60’s concentrates on the last two decades of Steam Operation on Britain’s Railways and features loads of fascinating footage taken by keen amateurs recording the end of an era in Britain’s history. Part One includes steam workings at Clapham Junction and features impressive locomotives like GWR Castles & Kings. Plus an interesting look at Stanier Pacifics on the West Coast Mainline and BR Standard Classes.

Part Two of this DVD features former LNER Passenger & Freight Locomotives, Wellingborough on the Midland Mainline, Bulleid Pacifics on the Southern Region and Britannia’s at Liverpool Street Station, plus many more.

The Second DVD “The Very Best of British Steam of Yesteryear” features more great footage taken by amateurs keen to record this fascinating part of everyday life & provides a great insight into the everyday workings on various routes, including The Waverly Route, The North East, The East Coast Mainline, The South East The North East and The Somerset & Dorset – Which is home to the awesome SDJR 88

The Third DVD “The Very Best of Steam Today” concentrates on the efforts of some of today’s many heritage steam railway lines, without whose efforts many impressive machines would not still exist., and the opportunity to savour the nostalgic atmosphere of a steam railway and run through some very scenic countryside would have been lost ages ago. This DVD features action from some of the most popular and picturesque steam heritage lines including The Bluebell Line, The West Somerset Railway, The North Yorkshire Moors Railway, The East Lancashire Railway, The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, The Llangollen Railway, The Great Central Railway, The Severn Valley Railway & The Ffestiniog Narrow Gauge Railway

Black Water by Jefferson Parker

I’ve recently read this entertaining psychological suspense novel by Jefferson Parker, which starts when a young deputy named Archie Wildcraft is found shot in the head outside his home, next to the gun that has just been used to kill his wife. The evidence points to murder-suicide. Wildraft has a head injury resulting from the shooting and can’t remember exactly what happened, so is charged with the crime.

However a Sergeant named Merci Rayborn is not so sure, and the incarceration of a deputy who may be innocent plagues her conscience, so she decides to defy the district attorney and pursue the unlikely scenario that Deputy Wildcraft is innocent and has been framed, but why and by whom….

You’re twisting my melon, man

After having seen Shaun Ryder in “I’m A Celebrity…“ recently, it has reignited my interest in Madchester, and having listened to Happy Monday’s Greatest Hits recently the spirit is well and truly alive. Tracks on the Greatest Hits album are

  • Step on
  • Boys are back in town (Clean Mix)
  • W.F.L
  • Kinky Afro
  • Hallelujah (Club Mix)
  • Mad Cyril
  • Lazyitis
  • Loose Fit
  • Bob’s yer Uncle
  • Judge Fudge
  • Stinking Thinking
  • Twenty Four Hour Party People
  • W.F.L (Think about the future mix)
  • Staying Alive (12”Mix)
  • Step On (Twistin my Melon Mix)

Collision Course by Jane Morrell

This is another Tense, Exciting novel which I have read recently. Given what is going on in the world today I think it is very relevant, featuring as it does, a top secret covert counter-operation by Britain’s Intelligence and Anti-terrorist organizations, who have been shadowing An undercover, Al Quaeda-linked operation, which has established a network of bases for the training of terrorists dedicated to suicide missions against Western objectives.

The novel follows the Anti-Terrorists Organisation efforts to destroy the operation, with the outcome eventually depending on the actions of one man & one woman….

Blue Tango by Eoin McNamee

Recently I have also read Eoin Mcnamee’s gripping novel Blue Tango. It tells the true story of the murder of Patricia Curran in 1952, who was the daughter of an Irish judge, and was found stabbed 37 times in the early hours of 13 November 1952 in the Northern Irish village of Whiteabbey


At the time the story made front page news for almost a year, An Englishman stationed at a nearby RAF base was eventually arrested for the crime and then tried on circumstantial evidence. It was only recently that his original conviction was overturned and he was finally released. The real killer of 19-year-old Patricia Curran was never caught and Blue Tango is the tantalising fictional reading of the case.

Bon Jovi – Greatest Hits

Lately I have been listening to Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits on  double CD, It’s an absolute corker of an album, I had forgotten just how many great songs they have done over the years. It’s great to be able to hear them all again all on one album. Tracks on the album are

  • Living on a Prayer 
  • You Give Love a Bad Name
  • It’s My Life
  • Have a Nice Day
  • Wanted Dead or Alive
  • Bad Medicine
  • We Weren’t Born to Follow
  • I’ll Be there for you
  • Born to be my baby
  • Bed of Roses
  • Who says you can’t go home
  • Lay your Hands on me
  • Always
  • In these arms
  • What do you got
  • No Apologies


  • Runaway  
  • Someday
  • I’ll be Saturday night
  • Lost Highway
  • I’ll sleep when I’m dead
  • In and out of Love
  • Keep the Faith
  • When we were beautiful
  • Blaze of Glory
  • This aint a Love Song
  • These Days
  • You want to make a memory
  • Blood on Blood
  • This is Love this life
  • The More things Change