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I’ve recently watched the latest episode of Primeval, in which The ARC team spring into action once again when they discover an anomalous anomaly (Try saying that fast a few times).which cannot be shut down, so Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) goes to investigate and soon finds himself in trouble.

To make matters worse a predatory amphibious Koolasuchus from the Cretaceous Era shows up near a coastal holiday resort and starts running amok among the holiday-makers (well I suppose it Makes a change from eating Candy-Floss & Sticks of rock 🙂

Koolasuchus belonged to a group of Labyrinthodonts called the Temnospondyli, and it’s remains have been found at San Remo, Australia. Where it’s ability to hibernate when the weather got really cold, is thought to have given it an advantage over crocodiles who found the weather too cold to survive.

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Dr Who – Flesh and Stone

I’ve recently watched a repeat of the second part of this atmospheric exciting two-part Doctor Who story. It sees The Doctor (Matt Smith) Amy (Karen Gillan) and River Song (Alex Kingston) finally reaching the relative safety of the space ship. Unfortunately The Weeping Angels are still running amok (Whilst nobody is looking of course), and they are hot on the Doctors heels when they finally reveal their evil plans.

However something sinister scares them off and pretty soon something much worse starts happening when time itself starts to crack…

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Exciting novels by Tess Gerritsen

Keeping the Dead- By Tess Gerritsen

I read this exciting crime thriller last year, which starts off when what is thought to be an ancient mummy is discovered in the basement of a museum in downtown Boston. Amid great excitement the Mummy is taken to a local hospital for a CT Scan, where a forensic Pathologist named Maura Isles is invited to attend.

To everyone’s horror The scan reveals the image of a bullet. so A Homicide investigation is immediately launched and Detective Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles team up to investigate. Then when the preserved bodies of a second and third victim are found it becomes clear to Isles & Rizolli that if they don’t act soon the killer will be adding more corpses to their gruesome collection, and they face a race against time to stop it happening again…

Stolen by Tess Gerritsen

Having already enjoyed “Keeping the Dead” by Tess Gerritsen, I was really happy when somebody gave me another gripping Gerritsen novel recently.

Entitled “Stolen”. This starts with the aparently motiveless sinking of a cargo vessel and slaughter of it’s crew. So a woman named Clea Rice sets out to find out the truth & expose the culprits. In her investigation she crosses paths with a chap named Jordan Tavistock, who soon finds himself caught up in a web of mystery and intrigue, so they decide to team up to catch the baddies, but how does he know he can trust her when she won’t even tell him her real name…

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Goodnight Mr Tom

Being a big fan of Steam Trains, I recently watched the television adaptation of Goodnight Mr Tom again. Parts of which were filmed in and around Arley Station, on the Severn Valley Railway, using the GWR Collett designed 43xx Class Locomotive No 7325, which can currently be found at The Engine House in Highley.
Starring John Thaw as the titular character. It is the poignant story of a young lad who is sent to live with a chap named Mr Tom during World War II. He has many problems at first but eventually the two of them start to bond, until one day a young couple arrive on Mr Tom’s doorstep claiming to be the young lad’s parents and ask him to return home with them, However the young lad seems curiously reluctant, so Mr Tom decides to find out why…

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Far North by Marcel Theroux

I was also given this library book to read, which is Set in a desolate fictional  frozen wasteland and features a Character named Makepeace who patrols the ruins of a Dying city & tries to keep it’s unruly citizens in check.

One day Makepeace is inspired to leave after learning that civilisation is flourishing further south. However the truth is somewhat different, and he discovers Civilisations on the verge of breaking point, stockaded villages enforcing rough & uncertain justice and mysterious slave camps labouring to harness the little understood technologies of a vanished civilisation. He also discovers some dark secrets behind this frozen world

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Entertaining & Suspenseful thrillers

Some kind soul has given me a number of Library Books to read during my copious recuperation time (Some of the rubbish on Daytime Television really does-my-head-in) and I can’t really travel very far at the moment. So reading is a good way of keeping my mind active.

Shimmer by Hilary Norman

Nail biting psychological thriller, full of suspense and action, which features a Detective named Sam Becket, who is on the trail of a vicious Killer after a swimmer makes a gruesome discovery in a rowing boat. Things then go from bad to worse when his sister-in-law Claudia becomes the victim of a blackmailer.

Sam’s only lead is a local character named Mildred Bleeker, who has seen a frightening stranger during the night, who puts her in mind of the Angel-of-Death…

Crash by Gerald Hammond

Full of Mystery & Suspense, this novel features a solicitor named Julian Custer, who comes across a devastating car crash, one Spring day. Only one passenger named Delia Barrow has survived, but she is confused and badly injured and the only thing that she can remember is her name. So Julian uses his knowledge to try and find out the identities of all the other passengers and piece together what happened that fateful day and why

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Victory of the Daleks/Time of Angels

I am a big Dr Who fan & Lately I’ve been enjoying the reruns of the Latest series of Dr Who, starring Matt Smith & Karen Gillan. One of the The latest episodes I’ve seen follows The Doctor & Amy back to World War II to meet Winston Churchill, who is very excited about having a new secret weapon which could help him win the war. However The Doctor is horrified to discover that this new secret weapon is in fact a Dalek, masquerading as a human created weapon

It turns out that it is part of a devious plan by the Daleks, who have managed to locate one of the last remaining “Progenitor Devices,” which will enable them to create a whole new race of Daleks, and it has been programmed to start upon hearing the Doctor’s voice. So they trick the Doctor into declaring them to be Daleks, this starts up the Progenitor Device and within moments they are in big trouble….

The Time of Angels/ Flesh & Stone

My favourite Doctor Who episodes are the ones which are Creepy dark, and atmospheric. This two-part episode fits the bill perfectly. It starts off when The Doctor (Matt Smith) and Amy (Karen Gillan) rescue River Song (Alex Kingston) from a stricken spaceship, carrying a Weeping Angel, the ship then crash lands on a planet. So they go to get help, but the trouble is that the only way to reach help is to go through a maze of creepy catacombs, which they discover to their horror, all happen to be inhabited by more Weeping Angels…

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Last Days of Steam on the LMS & BR by Roderick E Fowkes

This is another fascinating steam related book I have been reading again recently. It is a nostalgic look at Britain’s Railways through the eyes of a chap whose boyhood dream it was to become an Engine Driver, but who was sadly denied his dream due to medical reasons.

In the book he reminisces about his experiences of growing up with steam, getting his first job on the railway as a junior Porter and gradually working his way up until he becomes part of the senior management at the station nineteen years later, and goes right up to the point where steam is phased out in the 1960’s to make way for the then-government’s rather hastily thought out and executed plan of Modernisation & Dieselisation on Britain’s railways.