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Walking with Dinosaurs & Monsters

Ever since I was young I have been fascinated by Prehistoric animals. I think I could pronounce Pachycephalosaurus before I could even walk (Although spelling it correctly has always proved a bit of a challenge lol).So Having recently watched the exciting opening two-part episode of Primeval Series 4, as well as Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park II & Jurassic Park III  it has given me a renewed taste for Dinosaurs again, So I have decided to watch both Walking with Monsters & Walking with Dinosaurs again.

Walking with Monsters

Part one deals with the earliest creatures who inhabited the sea, such as Primitive crustaceans, shelled Ammonites, Belemnites, Trilobites, Sea Scorpions and the first Primitive sharks. It also looks at how over millions of years primitive fish such as Cephalaspid evolved a way to escape the predators in the water and were able to get onto dry land to eat the many invertebrates already living there, however this was not without its hazards, which included huge dragonflies like Meganeura, carnivorous spiders and gigantic centipedes

Part two looks at how Amphibians may have evolved from fish such as Mudskippers to become animals like Icthiostega & Hynerpeton , which were able to climb onto dry land and prey on the many invertebrates which lived there. It also looks at how amphibians gradually evolved to become reptiles, such as the awesome Dimetrodons & Edaphosaurs, who no longer needed to return to water so frequently and could lay their eggs on land,

Part three looks at how a change in the Earth’s atmosphere and climate plus a Massive surge in volcanic activity led to a widespread extinction. Life becomes increasingly difficult for the Herds of Scutasaurs, aswell as The awesome Half mammal Half Reptile Gorgonopsids and the Giant amphibian Labyrinthodont.
The only animals who seemed to benefit from this drastic change were small Burrowing mammal like reptiles such as Diictodon, who, once the Earth has recovered, evolved into highly successful & enormous Herds of Lystrosaurus who roamed the Earth during the Triassic period. These were preyed on by Poisonous Pherosophalians aswell as Crocodile like Chasmatosaurs.
The program also looks at the tiny Insect eating Euparkeria, who because of their unique abilities and adaptability were to eventually evolve into that most fascinating group of animals The Dinosaurs

Walking with Dinosaurs

Exciting Six part series narrated with great enthusiasm by Kenneth Branagh, telling the story of how the Dinosaurs came to dominate the Earth for millions of years, evolving from small creatures such as Euparkeria & Coelophysis into huge plant eating reptiles such as Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus and fearsome carnivores like Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus

Episode 1 New Blood

The first episode looks at the Lumbering herds of  ancient reptiles scraping out a living in the parched deserts of the Triassic Era whilst trying to avoid becoming lunch for the Fearsome Predatory Postosuchus. And how a small & agile reptile named Coelophysis would change the face of evolution forever, for it’s ancestors would eventually come to rule the Earth for millions of years, Whilst Burrowing mammal-like reptiles like Dicynodonts stayed relatively small

It also looks at how primitive Winged Pterosaurs first took to the air to feed on insects. and how they too eventually evolved into forms that grew to great size & ruled the air for millions of years

Episode 2 Time of the Titans

The second episode, looks at the  struggle which may have faced baby sauropods as they grow up during the Jurassic Era, aswell as the myriad other species of Dinosaurs sharing their world at the time, such as the egg eating Ornitholestes, armour plated Stegosaurus and the vicious Predatory Allosaurs

Episode 3 Cruel sea

Episode three looks at how, due to a rise in sea levels huge inland seas were created during the late Jurassic Era. These were Inhabited by a multitude of marine reptiles such as Long necked Plesiosaurs, Fish like Icthyosaurs and Flying reptiles like Ramphorinchus which preyed on fish. Meanwhile the land was ruled by large Predatory carnivores like Eustreptospondylus who swam from island to island continually searching for food, which with Gigantic marine reptiles like Liopleurodon swimming around this could be very risky

Episode 4 Giant of the Skies

Episode four looks at the many species of flying Pterosaurs around during the Early Cretaceous era such as the awesome Ornithocheirus whose the epic migratory flights took them across oceans and the bizarre looking Tapejara who nested on cliffs and fed on fish. During its epic flight Ornithocheirus would have encountered large herds of Iguanadon and lumbering polacanthus along the way aswell as Carnivorous Utah Raptors

Episode 5 Spirits of the Ice forest

Back during the Mid Cretaceous Era The South Pole was covered in lush forests and episode five looks at the inhabitants of these areas, such as clans of small agile forest dwelling dinosaurs, Large Amphibious Kulasuchus and migrating herds of large Muttaburrasarus, who were all trying to avoid the attentions of  Ferocious Allosaurs who roamed about preying on the unwary.

Episode 6 Death of Dynasty

The final episode is set during the late Cretaceous era when  another surge in volcanic activity was gradually suffocating the world and turning it barren. It focuses on the struggle faced by a fearsome female Tyrannosaurus to raise her young in this unforgiving environment, facing hazards such as aggressive armoured Ankylosaurs or Small mammals called Didelphodon who are intent on eating the eggs she has laid, whilst giant pterosaurs called Quetzalcoatlus patrol the skies, and predatory Dromeosaurs feed on unwary young Duck billed Anatotitans or horned Torosaurs they caught roaming the barren landscape

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Primeval (Series 4)

I’ve recently watched the exciting opening two-part episode of Primeval. It finds Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) and Abbie (Hannah Spearitt) trapped in the Cretaceous Era, after trying to stop Dr Nick Cutter’s (Douglas Henshall) deranged wife Sarah from trying to wipe out the human race by poisoning the first Primates which will eventually evolve into human beings. Unfortunately things don’t go according to plan and Nick gets clobbered in the attempt.

Meanwhile back in the present a new team called ARC is created to deal with new anomalies which open up. Luckily Connor and Abbie find one after spending a year in the Cretaceous Era and go through. Unfortunately they are also followed by something very large with a sail on it’s back and lots of sharp teeth (Oooh that’s Just the kind of thing you want chasing you just after Christmas lol). Eventually They manage to drive it mad by herding it into an arena and making it listen to S Club 7 tunes J and this persuades it to return to the Cretaceous Era.

Then the team receive word that an Anomaly has opened up near a dock-yard and a Prehistoric Crocodilian has slipped through and has made itself at home and is rapidly developing a taste for Dock Workers. So they are asked to deal with it.