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Primeval (Series 4)

I’ve recently watched the exciting opening two-part episode of Primeval. It finds Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) and Abbie (Hannah Spearitt) trapped in the Cretaceous Era, after trying to stop Dr Nick Cutter’s (Douglas Henshall) deranged wife Sarah from trying to wipe out the human race by poisoning the first Primates which will eventually evolve into human beings. Unfortunately things don’t go according to plan and Nick gets clobbered in the attempt.

Meanwhile back in the present a new team called ARC is created to deal with new anomalies which open up. Luckily Connor and Abbie find one after spending a year in the Cretaceous Era and go through. Unfortunately they are also followed by something very large with a sail on it’s back and lots of sharp teeth (Oooh that’s Just the kind of thing you want chasing you just after Christmas lol). Eventually They manage to drive it mad by herding it into an arena and making it listen to S Club 7 tunes J and this persuades it to return to the Cretaceous Era.

Then the team receive word that an Anomaly has opened up near a dock-yard and a Prehistoric Crocodilian has slipped through and has made itself at home and is rapidly developing a taste for Dock Workers. So they are asked to deal with it.

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