Primeval (Series 4, Episode 3)

I watched the latest episode of Primeval on Saturday, which continuing from last weeks exciting opening double-episode, sees the ARC government run facility still partly owned by a manipulative entrepreneur named Philip Burton (Alexander Siddig) much to the annoyance of owner James Lester (Ben Miller) who still remains deeply suspicious of him.
All this is temporarily forgotten though when some people from a different time step through an anomaly into a theatre (Well I suppose that’s one way of getting in without buying tickets 😀 closely followed by some rather nasty predatory tree dwelling dinosaurs. They then get trapped in the present when the anomaly closes.

Then to make matters worse Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) accidentally manages to trigger a lockdown of the ARC facility and Philip, Connor and logistics expert Jess (Ruth Kearney) all find themselves trapped inside and rapidly running out of air…

Exciting fiction by Michael Connelly

The Reversal by Michael Connelly

Connelly’s latest novel is entitled The Reversal and once again features Los Angeles cop Harry Bosch, who this time teams up with a maverick lawyer named Mickey Haller in order to build a case against a convicted child killer. 

The trouble is that the criminal has just been granted a retrial, after new evidence comes to light, which appears to exhonorate him.  Harry & Mickey then find that they have their work cut out trying to bring him to justice.

Chasing the Dime by Michael Connelly

Exciting novel which I read last year. It features a character named Henry Pearce, who, after moving into a new apartment, finds messages on his answer phone left for the previous tenant, who sounds like she is in big trouble, so he decides to investigate.

This turns out to be a big mistake and he soon wishes he hadn’t, as he finds himself being drawn into the sleazy underworld of naughty internet sites and dodgy Escort websites in order to save the life of someone he has never met

A Darkness more than Night 

Here is another gripping thriller by Michael Connelly which I also read last year. It features a retired FBI profiler named Terry McCaleb, who lives a quiet live on Catalina, until a request from a former colleague draws him back into the job he left behind, it concerns a small time crook named Edward Gunn, who is found dead.

As he investigations continue he finds himself becoming embroiled in a disturbing and complex case, and ends up crossing paths with an infamous detective named Harry Bosch, who has always used questionable methods in order to get results, and may now have gone a bit too far…

Field Grey by Philip Kerr

Having read “If the Dead Rise Not” by Philip Kerr and enjoyed it again, I would also like to read his latest novel “Field Grey”.

It is another exciting thriller which picks up where the last one left off in 1954 and finds Detective Bernie Gunther in Havana, after having managed to escape from Germany. Unfortunately though, his past soon catches up with him and he finds himself being taken back to Germany, where a number of assorted security Services start taking a rather keen interest in his activities during World War II, and are most anxious to learn all the information he managed to keep secret during the wa, in order to use it for their own rather dodgy purposes.

If the Dead Rise Not by Philip Kerr

 Edgy atmospheric and gripping detective novel which takes place in Berlin, during the city’s preparations for the 1936 Olympics. The Nazis have been in power for just eighteen months but have already introduced some frightening changes to Germany. Jews are being expelled from all German organisations. One such person is a chap named Bernie Gunther who is forced to resign as a homicide detective with Berlin’s Criminal Police and is now working as a house detective at the famous Adlon Hotel.

When Two dead bodies are found at the hotel – one a businessman and the other a Jewish boxer. Bernie has to dig to unearth the truth, and discovers a vast labour and construction racket designed to take advantage of the huge sums the Nazis are spending to showcase the new Germany to the world, and during his investigations he discovers a sinister plot…