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Far North by Marcel Theroux

I was also given this library book to read, which is Set in a desolate fictional  frozen wasteland and features a Character named Makepeace who patrols the ruins of a Dying city & tries to keep it’s unruly citizens in check.

One day Makepeace is inspired to leave after learning that civilisation is flourishing further south. However the truth is somewhat different, and he discovers Civilisations on the verge of breaking point, stockaded villages enforcing rough & uncertain justice and mysterious slave camps labouring to harness the little understood technologies of a vanished civilisation. He also discovers some dark secrets behind this frozen world

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Entertaining & Suspenseful thrillers

Some kind soul has given me a number of Library Books to read during my copious recuperation time (Some of the rubbish on Daytime Television really does-my-head-in) and I can’t really travel very far at the moment. So reading is a good way of keeping my mind active.

Shimmer by Hilary Norman

Nail biting psychological thriller, full of suspense and action, which features a Detective named Sam Becket, who is on the trail of a vicious Killer after a swimmer makes a gruesome discovery in a rowing boat. Things then go from bad to worse when his sister-in-law Claudia becomes the victim of a blackmailer.

Sam’s only lead is a local character named Mildred Bleeker, who has seen a frightening stranger during the night, who puts her in mind of the Angel-of-Death…

Crash by Gerald Hammond

Full of Mystery & Suspense, this novel features a solicitor named Julian Custer, who comes across a devastating car crash, one Spring day. Only one passenger named Delia Barrow has survived, but she is confused and badly injured and the only thing that she can remember is her name. So Julian uses his knowledge to try and find out the identities of all the other passengers and piece together what happened that fateful day and why