I’ve recently watched the latest episode of Primeval, in which The ARC team spring into action once again when they discover an anomalous anomaly (Try saying that fast a few times).which cannot be shut down, so Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) goes to investigate and soon finds himself in trouble.

To make matters worse a predatory amphibious Koolasuchus from the Cretaceous Era shows up near a coastal holiday resort and starts running amok among the holiday-makers (well I suppose it Makes a change from eating Candy-Floss & Sticks of rock 🙂

Koolasuchus belonged to a group of Labyrinthodonts called the Temnospondyli, and it’s remains have been found at San Remo, Australia. Where it’s ability to hibernate when the weather got really cold, is thought to have given it an advantage over crocodiles who found the weather too cold to survive.