Ken McCoy – Hammerhead

I am about to start reading this Gripping Thriller, in which an ex-policeman named ‘Mad’ Sam Carew is approached by a beautiful woman named Alison, who asks for his help in clearing her Father’s name, who was jailed for the violent murders of a number of people. Sam had his doubts about His actual guilt, but seeing as he confessed to both the violent murders for which he was accused, that was it, case closed.

Alison however, adamantly refuses to believe her father’s guilt, so using every womanly wile, she encourages Sam to investigate. At first Sam is reluctant but then A recent spate of murders, using a similar method as that used on one of her Father’s supposed victims, convinces him she may have a point.

During his investigations Sam gets mixed up with one of the most ruthless and sadistic crime families in the country. The Robinson clan, who are involved in all sorts of Illegal criminal ativities, including prostitution, drug rackets and blackmail, and  Sam soon finds himself in real danger as he tries to track down an elusive killer named “Hammerhead”.

REM – Collapse into Now

I have been a huge fan of R.E.M for absolutely years now, ever since since I heard “Green” in fact, and all the early stuff in the 80’s, so when I heard “Collapse into Now” I was in there like a shot- The first track “Discoverer” is awesome 

*All the Best
*Oh my Heart
*It Happened Today
*Every Day is Yours
*Mine Smell Like Honey
*Walk it Back
*Alligator Aviator Autopilot Antimatter
*That Someone is You
*Me, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando and I

Duran Duran – All You Need is Now/The Trade Mission

I’ve finally got round to getting Duran Duran’s new album “All You Need is Now” which I was planning to do weeks ago *rolls Eyes*. So far I’ve only listened to it once, so it is going to take a few more listens before I really get “into it”, My First impressions are  that it’s pretty good and I enjoyed it

Here’s the track listing:

*All you Need is Now
*Being Followed
*Leave a Light on
*Safe (In the Heat of the Moment)
*Girl Panic!
*A Diamond in the Mind
*The Man Who Stole a Leopard
*Other people’s Lives
*Too Bad You’re So Beautiful
*Runway Runaway
*Return to Now
*Before the Rain
*Early Summer Nerves



This gripping Psychological suspense thriller by Andrew Pyper is the latest book I have obtained. It Features two twenty-four-year-old dot-com millionaires named Marcus Wallace and Jonathon Bates who are on a trade mission to Brazil, and decide to take a tour up the Rio Negro river, events then take a terrifying turn for the worse, when there boat is boarded by Paramilitaries and the crew is killed.

Wallace, Bates, two older colleagues and an interpreter who are all on board are then all kidnapped, blindfolded & imprisoned and face a harrowing fight for survival as they try to escape their captors, survive in the jungle and make it to safety.