Whalebone – Three Fires

Lately I’ve been listening to Three Fires, the latest album by funky folk Band Whalebone – It’s awesome!  The first song Herman the Carpenter is a very lively, folky number, Wenlock Hare is also great, November is quiet & reflective. Wildcat Bonnie Nellie Reel, is another very lively track. Sweet Child’o’Mine is a cover version of Guns & Roses’ classic song. Corndon Morning is another quiet, reflective song. The Boxer is a cover of a classic Simon & Garfunkel song. The Gathering is also a very lively song, which is one of my favourite tunes from a previous album. Wait is another quiet number. The album Title track “Three Fires” is another great tune. Danny Boy is a laid back rendition of a famous song. Hooty Mullock is another very Lively number. Red Moon is a laidback relaxed number and Stairway to Heaven is an awesome cover version of a classic Led Zeppelin song.

  • Herman the Carpenter
  • Wenlock Hare
  • November
  • Wildcat Bonnie Nellie Reel
  • Sweet Child’o’Mine
  • Corndon Morning
  • The Boxer
  • The Gathering
  • Wait
  • Three Fires
  • Danny Boy
  • Hooty Mullock
  • Red Moon
  • Stairway to Heaven

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