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The Truth by Terry Pratchett

I am a big Terry Pratchett fan I think his novels are hilariously entertaining. So I have recently acquired The Truth. It is the twenty-fifth Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett and was published in 2000. It features a character named William de Worde, who scrapes out a humble lifestyle as a common scribe and makes extra pocket money by producing a gossipy newsletter for foreign notables.

He falls in with a group of dwarves who have come to Ankh-Morpork to set up shop with their printing press, and inadvertently founds AM’s first newspaper. Realizing that with their press the dwarves can help him put out a newsletter every day, William begins scrambling to find enough interesting events to fill up the space. Arguing that it isn’t worth the effort just to make a few copies for William’s wealthy foreign subscribers, the dwarves print hundreds of copies of the “Ankh-Morpork Times” and hire a group of oddball beggars to pitch them on the street. William is shocked when the newsheets sell like hot cakes, bringing in more money than he wants or knows what to do with.

Before he knows it William has assembled a newsroom staff, including Sacharissa Cripslock, a prim young woman who attracts news items from talkative, flirtatious city guards, Otto, a vampire photographer from Uberwald who has sworn off drinking blood and often disintegrates in his own camera flash, and Rocky, a quasi-literate troll who deals with the more irate members of the public.

The Ankh Morpork Times gets its big break when they discover a sinister conspiracy to depose the Patrician, Lord Vetinari and frame him for attempted murder and embezzlement, so they decide to investigate the matter further…