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Velocity by Dean Koontz/Home Before Dark by Charles Maclean

This exciting fast-moving 2005 thriller by Dean Koontz is next on my “to read” list. It is the story of an innocent man named William Wiles, an easygoing thirty-something, bartender who lives a quiet life, until a serial killer singles him out, not to kill him, but to force him to decide who his next victim will be, giving him a terrible choice between lovely blonde schoolteacher or an elderly woman active in charity work.

So Billy pays an informal visit to an acquaintance in the Police force named Lanny Olson, he thinks the note is a prank, but then the schoolteacher dies. Then another note arrives this time the choices are reversed: if Billy takes the note to the police, a mother of two young children will die. If he doesn’t, an unmarried man who won’t be much missed will die.

Lanny has to take this note seriously but the deadline runs out before he can make his involvement official, then things go from bad to worse when Lanny himself finds that he  has become the killers’ next intended victim.

Soon Billy finds himself drawn deeper into an accelerating nightmare, which steadily becomes more personal, more confrontational, until he is isolated, with no one to turn to and no one to rely on and must risk everything to save the intended victims and stop the killer himself…


Home before Dark by Charles Maclean

This chilling thriller by Charles Maclean is also on my “To read” list. It is about a chap named Ed Lister whose world unravels when he gets news that his art-student daughter Sophie has been found brutally murdered in Florence.

Frustrated by the Police inability to find his daughters killer, Ed takes the law into his own hands and sets out to find the killer himself. His investigations lead him to a mysterious website so he hires a young Cyber Slueth to track down a mysterious chap named “Ward”.

The hunt for “Ward” follows a trail of bodies right across Europe and America, then it transpires that Ed might not be all he seems and that their might actually be a a dark secret linking him and Ward.

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