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Dr Who – The Hand of Fear

I am a big fan of Classic Doctor Who episodes and I was excited to learn that BBC4 is repeating this classic Dr Who story from 1976. Which is being shown As a tribute to the late Elizabeth Sladen, who sadly passed away recently,  this story was Elizabeth Sladen’s Last appearance as Sarah Jane Smith in the original Dr Who series.

It starts when The TARDIS arrives at a working Quarry on Earth and after nearly being blown to smithereens & buried under tons of rock. Sarah Jane then finds what appears to be a fossilised human hand wearing a Blue stone ring near where She is buried and starts behaving very strangely indeed after picking it up.

Sarah Jane, apparently in a trance, then heads off with the hand to a nearby Nuclear research and Development centre, where the hand soaks up radiation and starts coming to life, gradually regenerating into a complete being who ends up causing chaos…yikes!