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Seasick Steve – You Can’t Teach an old dog new tricks

I have just listened to the new Seasick Steve Album “You Can’t Teach an old Dog New Tricks” and I think it is absolutely awesome. Here is the Track listing:

    • Treasures – quiet thoughtful and reflective
    • You Can’t Teach an old dog new Tricks – rocking track
    • Burning Up – starts bluesy and gets progressively noisier
    • Don’t Know Why She Love me but she do – lively rocking track
    • Have Mercy on the lonely – is lively blues
    • whiskey ballad – lively ballad about the medicinal effect of whikskey
    • Back in the Doghouse – This is anotherlively rocking track
    • Underneath a Blue & Cloudy Sky – lively rhythm & blues track
    • What a way to go  – lively blues
    • party – lively  rhythm and blues rack
    • Days gone – This is another lively rhythm and blues track
    • It’s a long long way – is a bluesy ballad that makes you want to listen to the album again


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