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The King’s Speech

I have recently watched this inspiring & Uplifting Oscar & BAFTA award winning biopic, which Tells the story of King George V’s second son, Albert (played Coline Firth), who is second in line to the throne, but speaks with a stammer which he has had from the age of 4 or 5 and although he is a bright and articulate person, some people harbour doubts about his fitness to be King.

Consequently when his father King George V (Michael Gambon) passes away his brother Edward VIII is declared King, but is later forced to abdicate due to his involvement with an American Divorcee named Mrs Simpson, leaving Albert to be Crowned King George VI

The film looks at Albert’s lifelong struggle to overcome his speech impediment, seeing many different therapists over many years until he meets an unorthodox speech therapist named Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), who tries to understand the root cause of his stammer and help him overcome it..  Through a set of unorthodox techniques and much hard work Albert gradually finds himself making progress and learns to speak in such a way so as to make his impediment a minor problem.

Despite some initial reseervations and awkwardness Albert & Lionel eventually become lifelong friends and Albert is able to inspire and lead Britain during the dark days of World War II.

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Albany Down

Recently on Facebook, I found a band named Albany Down, and being really interested in all sorts of music, I decided to have a listen. I’m glad I did because I thought their lively & Infectious blend of Blues and Rock was really awesome, so this morning I decided to get their album “South of the City”.

Here, as a taster, and courtesy of YouTube, are videos of them playing Live at last years Peterborough Beer Festival

For more information about the band,  performances, and albums go HERE