Young Rebel Set – Curse our Love

After hearing a few tracks by Young Rebel Set on Facebook, I have decided to get their new album”Curse our Love” . It’s excellent –  full of really upbeat  Lively guitar tunes.

1. Lion’s Mouth
2. Walk On
3. If I Was
4. Won’t Get Up Again
5. Borders
6. Red Bricks
7. Measure Of A Man
8. Bagatelle
9. Fall Hard
10. Precious Days
11. Billy Died

London Bridges by James Patterson

Next on my list of books to read is, London Bridges, which is a Suspenseful thriller by James Patterson featuring Alex Cross, who finds out just what happens when an international crime syndicate decides to copy the methods of terrorists.

It features a ruthless Russian Mafia boss known as the Wolf who threeatens to detonate a number of hidden nuclear Devices in London, New York, Paris and Tel Aviv unless a large cash payment is made and various prisoners are released.

To prove his seriousness, The Wolf has already destroyed several small townships and a couple of bridges. So Alex must use all his skills & knowledge in order to avert disaster and catch The Wolf before it is too late.