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Fallen Madonna with the big Boobies

It is the second week of The Severn Valley Railway’s very popular 1940’s Weekend (Saturday 2ndJuly/Sunday 3rd July) and This weekend there are more actors from the hit TV series “Allo Allo” attending the event.

The Avro Lancaster from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight also flew overhead around lunch time on Saturday 2nd, which was a really Awesome sight

Lola Lamour was once again performing many well known 40’s songs, such as Vera Lynn’s “We’ll meet again” , throughout the weekend at Bridgnorth Station and the Brass Band was performing “Workers Play Time” concerts at Kidderminster Station.

There were more Professional actors walking round dressed in period costume (including “Spivs”) & Military Uniforms, and For anyone wishing to look the part, various outfits were on sale at a period clothing Stall in Bridgnorth.

More Military Vehicles, like Jeeps, Scout Cars, DUKWs and Tanks were on Display throughout the weekend at various locations throughout the line.

An Actor playing Winston Churchill gave another rousing speech at Bridgnorth Station after being “Kidnapped & “Rescued” during a Battle Re-enactment at Highley Station.

I’ve really enjoyed the times I have been down, there is always a lovely atmosphere, although it is a bit surreal seeing German soldiers walking round town doing their shopping, and it was also great to see the Avro Lancaster flying past.

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