Lustrum – Robert Harris

I am about to start reading this epic Historical novel by Robert Harris, which is set in Rome c.63BC and Told through the eyes of a Slave named Tiro, who serves as confdential secretary to the wily, humane & complex Consul Cicero.

The novel starts with the discovery of a child’s mutilated body and Features the struggle for power among seven main characters – , Cicero himself, Caesar his ruthless young rival, Pompey the Republic’s greatest General, Crassus,  The Republics richest man, Cato a political fanatic, Catalina a Psychopath and Clodius an ammbitious playboy. All of whom will go to any lengths  to get what they want – forming alliances and betraying people, committing acts of cruelty, seduction, and crime in order to achieve their goals.


Archangel – Robert Harris

I am about to start reading this Compelling & Suspenseful novel, set in present day Russia, which tells the story of a dissipated middle-aged former Oxford Historian named Fluke Kelso, who is in Moscow attending a conference on the newly opened Soviet Archives.

One night Kelso is visited by the former bodyguard of the Secret Police Chief Laventry Beria, who claims to have been at Stalin’s Dacha on the night he had his fatal stroke, and to have stolen the dictators Private Papers.

So Kelso decides to investigate further, and soon wishes he hadn’t, as he is chased across Russia by shadowy forces who are determined to ensure that Josef Stalin’s darkest secrets remain hidden.

Pompeii – Robert Harris

This is another Exciting historical novel Set during the Roman Empire, which I would like to read. It features an Engineer named Marius Attilius Primus, who is in charge of an enormous Aqueduct named the Aqua Augusta, which provides fresh water to the residents of nine enormous towns around the Bay of Naples.

Recently Primus has noticed some worrying signs – Springs are failing for the first time in generations, his predecessor has mysteriously vanished and there are some very strange things happening on the slopes of Vesuvius.

So a practical chap named Attilius is contacted, and he promises Pliny, the famous scholar who commands the navy, that he can repair the Aqueduct before it runs dry, however he soon discovers that there are immense forces of nature which even the mighty Roman Empire cannot control…