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Torchwood – MiracleDay

Last night I watched the Exciting opening episode of a New series of the Doctor Who spin-off. It starts when a convicted Murderer (Bill Pullman) manages to survive the Death Penalty. Then a CIA Agent (Mekhi Phifer) survives a road crash which should have been fatal, and it becomes clear that something odd is going on, in fact people all over the world are surviving things which should have been terminal, So the press dub it “Miracle Day”.

The Agent senses something is wrong & decides to investigate further and comes across a mysterious organisation called “Torchwood” so he decides to try and track them down to see if they can help.

Elsewhere surviving Torchwood agent Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) is keen to put her disturbing past behind her and settle down to a life of domestic bliss with her family in a remote part of Wales. Sadly though this is not to be and,  were it not for the timely intervention of Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), she would have been clobbered by dark forces who have managed to track her down and are keen to silence her permanently.

Whilst on the run Jack & Gwen meet the CIA Agent and they decide to investigate what is going on…

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