Born of Hope

Having really enjoyed The Hunt for Gollum, I decided to watch this equally exciting film also done by Online Independent Cinema

It is Set 75 years before the events in Hunt For Gollum, and tells the story of how Aragorn’s parents Arathorn & Gilraen first met & fell in love during turbulent times in Rhudaur, when Sauron’s evil minions were still scouring Middle Earth looking for the ring of Power.

It is during these troublesome times that Aragorn was born, His birth bringing hope to the dwindling population of Dunedain who are hoping to find a new king to re-unite the kingdoms of Arnor & Gondor and finally put an end to Sauron’s evil on Middle Earth.

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The Hunt for Gollum

To get me in the mood for the movie version of The Hobbit I have recently watched this Exciting film made by Online Independent Cinema, which concentrates on what may have happened around the same time as the events in The Hobbit

It starts when Gandalf the Grey notices disturbing developments in the evil Lord Sauron’s realm of Mordor, and guesses that he is looking for a Ring of Power, which he created in order to give him complete power over the people of Middle Earth.

The Ring was lost shortly after a huge battle known as the Last Alliance of Men and Elves, in which Sauron was temporarily defeated but was allowed to survive, giving him the chance to rebuild his army in secret, look for the Ring and try and Re-take Middle Earth

So Gandalf gives a Ranger named Strider the task of locating the Ring and it’s current owner Gollum, who lives somewhere in the Misty Mountains, this proves to be fraught with danger as he is constantly attacked by Hordes of Evil Orcs & Ringwraiths who are also looking for the Ring, and Gollum himself also proves to be a bit of a handful…

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