Restoring Eight Freights No. 45170 and 45166

Living near the Severn Valley Railway I have developed an interest in Steam Locomotives and recently I watched a fascinating program featuring the transport of 2 Stanier 8f’s from Turkey back to England, for restoration, these being TCDD Churchill/Stanier 8f Nos. 45170 & 45166

Both TCDD/ LMS 8F Class 2-8-0  Nos. 45170 & 45166 were part of a batch that were built by the North British Locomotive Co.for export by the War Department during the Second World War, and were exported  to Turkey in 1942, but being Designed for British conditions, they were not really suited to Turkish circumstances. Though large for British engines, they were underpowered by Turkish standards and so could not ascend the steep gradients unassisted.

The Turkish railwaymen referred to them as “Churchills” after British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and over the years they gained quite a few modifications whilst in Turkey.

In October 2010 both Nos 45166 and 45170 were acquired by the three members of the Churchill 8f Locomotive Company Limited and were both shipped back to England for restoration, where they arrived on Boxing Day 2010 (Now there’s an awesome Christmas present)

45170 can currently be seen At Shildon Locomotion Railway Museum , County Durham, UK, where it will be on display  until it is moved to a workshop in Northumberland where it will undergo restoration.