Recently in association with iTunes, The Times newspaper  has been offering some great films for download, one such film is “W.” which has a great cast, including Josh Brolin, Jeffrey Wright, Richard Dreyfus, Scott Glenn, James Cromwell and Thandie Newton.

The Film starts off with George W. Bush (Brolin) being introduced as the 43rd president of the United States of America. The action then focuses on more recent events at a cabinet meeting in early 2002, Where the Government are discussing how best to respond to the recent terrorist attacks on their country, by either attacking evil or terror, Colin Powell (Wright) seems reluctant to go to war with either Iraq or Iran, given that it was a non-affiliated terrorist named Osama Bin Laden who was behind the attrocities, however he is soon reminded by both VP Dick Cheney (Richard Dreyfuss) and Condileeza Rice (Thandie Newton) that both countries hold terrorists. The possibility of a regime change in Iraq is also discussed during another cabinet meeting, as well as the  existence of any Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Donald Rumsfeld & Dick Cheney are all for finding out, However Colin Powell points out a few problems, but a video call to General Franks speeds things up nicely.
GEorge W.Bush’s earlier years are also examined in the film, we see a much younger Bush during pledge week in 1966, whilst attending Yale , getting into various scrapes and asking his father (Cromwell) for help, Then A few years later, following graduation from Yale, the film looks at Bush at his first job, working on one of his family oil rigs back in Texas.

We also  see what led to his decision to run for Congress whilst at Harvard Business School, and the events afterwards, when he met a beautiful young woman named Laura Welch (Elizabeth Banks), with whom he went to junior high School, and who was to become his future wife.

Then The action switches to A few years later, when both George and Laura are at a 40th birthday party when he gets a call from his father George Snr, who wants him to help with his campaigning for president, so he and Laura move to Washington. Unfortunately though, during a morning run, he collapses on the side of the road with a heart murmur.

Shortly after these events, During the run-up to the election, a  videotape comes to light smearing his opponent Dukakis, citing some of his dodgy decisions, This is enough to dissuade voters, who make George Bush Sr. the 41st President of the United States. But Despite the celebration, George Jnr himself isn’t pleased, and confesses to his wife that he a constantly feels as though he’s living in his Father’s shadow and has to live up to George Snr’s expectations.

Then A few years later towards the end of the first Gulf War we see that George Snr’s actions during the war weren’t enough for him to win the election again and the Presidency is given over to Bill Clinton. George Snr is devastated by the news, so George Jnr  decides to run for Governor of Texas instead, despite his parents objections, since his brother Jeb is also running for Governor of Florida, George is eventually elected governor of Texas.

The action then skips forward Five years, to 1999, when George Jnr decides that the time is right to run for President, So he campaigns for President and is duly elected. Once elected, George is determined not to jeopardize the Gulf war which by this has been rumbling on in Iraq for years, despite the massive amounts of protest the war has been getting, both Nationally & Internationally.

Then in a meeting with the United Kingdom’s Prime minister Tony Blair (Ioan Gruffudd), George asks for some help from Britain, and although reluctant to commit any British troops at first, George is determined to win the war, despite not being able to find any Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

Then some time later during a press conference George discovers that support for the war is dwindling and that he’s lost public support for the war and nobody believes him anymore….

The Others

Recently The Times newspaper in association with iTunes has been offering films for download, Todays film is “The Others” which is a Disturbing psychological horror and was directed by Alejandro Menbar .

The film is Set in Jersey during  1945 and follows the story of a woman named Grace Stewart (Nicole Kidman), her husband (Christopher Ecclestone) and their children who , after  experiencing strange happenings in the house become convinced that it is haunted. Her daughter is also convinced that there are ghosts walking round the house as well, of course Grace doesn’t believe them at first

Then one day the servants all mysteriously disappear and her husband is found wondering round the grounds aimlessly in a daze.

Then In a shocking twist at the end It is eventually revealed what really happened to Grace & her family in the house and why the servants all disappeared.