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The Works – Boden & Spiers

I am a big fan of lively uplifting Folk Music, such as Bellowhead and Mumford and Sons, having developed a taste for it at both Bridgnorth and Shrewsbury folk festivals. Although I am not too keen on the “wishy-washy” dreamy, female vocal sort, prefering a bit of “ooomph!” in my music.

So recently, I decided to get this album, which was done by two members of Bellowhead Jon Boden and John Spiers. It does not disappoint, the songs may be re-workings of tunes from previous albums, but they have all been given a new lease of life, as you might say, and are all great fun to listen to.

Tom Padgett
Horn Fair
Gooseberry Bush/Laudenum Branches
The Birth of Robin Hood
The Cheshire Waltz
Brown Adam
Rochdale Coconut Dance
Old Maui
Haul Away
Bold Sir Ryles
Prickle Eye Bush