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Cars 2

I am hoping to go and see the latest Pixar film “Cars 2” which starts when a British Secret Agent Finn McMissile (Michael Caine) is on the trail of a Villainous Master Criminal named Professor Z who is up to no good.

Meanwhile back in Radiator Springs Tow Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) is awaiting the return of Lightning McQueen (LUke Wilson)  after having competed in his latest race, the Hudson Hornet Memorial Piston Cup.

Then On the Television later that night a former Oil Tycoon named Miles Axlerod is being interviewed about the forthcoming World Grand Prix,which he is organising in order to promote a new alternative fuel called Allinol, and Lightning McQueen finds himself being challenged to enter The World Grand Prix.

Then Mater unwittingly gets involved in the world of espionage when he finds himself in possession of a Top Secrret Device, and is mistaken for a secret agent by both Finn McMissile and his partner Holley Shiftwell.

Then tO make matters worse Mater ends up being continually pursued by two of Professor Z’s thugs named Acer & Grem, who also think he is a secret agent and are determined to recover the device and clobber him, but luckily he is assisted by both Finn McMissile and his partner Holley Shiftwell, who  both discover a sinister plot surrounding Allinol…

(I still reckon naming a car “Gremlin” is just asking for trouble 😀 .

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Private by James Patterson

I have recently acquired Another Exciting crime thriller by James Patterson. This novel features a former US Marine named Jack Morgan, who now runs a well renowned international investigation company called “Private”.

He counts some of The worlds most influential people among his clientele, who make use of his services, when  maximum force and maximum discretion is required. His team of highly professional investigators also make use of some of the world’s most advanced forensic tools to do their jobs.

Whilst Jack is investigating a multi-million Dollar gambling scandal in Los Angeles as well as the killings of eighteen schoolgirls, he is also called upon to investigate the murder of his best-friend’s wife, who also happens to be Jack’s former lover, this really affects Jack, so he uses all the means at his disposal to track down her killer….

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Burwarton Show

This years Burwarton Show takes place on Thursday 4th August, and I have enjoyed myself all the previous years I have gone – especially once I’d located the beer tent,lol

This year the events taking place in the Main ring are -THE IMPS MOTORCYCLE DISPLAY TEAM, who are doing two performances during the day, THE WHITCHURCH DOG DISPLAY TEAM, who are also  doing two performances and there will also be a SHEEP SHOW taking place all day with SHEEP RACING taking place at 6.30 p.m.

There will also be Entertainment for the children atvarious times throughout the day, including the Jill Fielding Band, The Bell Inn Brass Band, Puppetree – Punch & Judy show, Magic Russ and the Itchy Feet Appalacian dance group

Elsewhere There will also be a Horse Shoe Making Competition, and For those interrested in all thing culinary, there are also series of Cookery demonstrations run throughout the day. There will also be a wide range of trade stands offering everything from agricultural machinery through to tools, clothing, footwear, garden equipment and much, much more.

The Bridgnorth Scarecrow Trail,will also be taking place,with the aim of raising money for worthy causes andproviding an additional  attraction for people to enjoy. All trade stands are also being invited to join in byeither making or hosting scarecrows.
There will also be a Craft Demonstration Marquee, with various traditional handicrafts being demonstrated, such as Strawcraft and Corn Dolly Making, coracle making and hedge laying. There will also be a display by the Severn Valley Handcraft Guild.

If you find yourself feeling hungry there is also a Food Hall selling various foods and beveridges. There is also A Horticulture Marquee for Home grown fruit, Vegetables and Home made Wine, Jams, pickles and Honey, as well as a Conservation/Countryside area with Fly Casting Demonstrations, as well as an Owl display and much,much more.

This Being an agricultural show it wouldn’t be right without a A full range of Heavy Horse, Cattle, Sheep, Pig,  Goat and Horse & Pony classes,  on show, being judged, with the events being held in accordance with DEFRA regulations current on Show Day, and for those of you, who like me, enjoy seeing vintage farm machinery, tractors, traction engines, steam rollers and stationary engines, there will be plenty in attendance.