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Political Correctness gone mad

All this rioting Is very sad and so mindless, after all they are only hurting their own communities. The trouble with the UK is that the Government is too soft and the politicians have created a society where parents cannot discipline their children without the risk of being prosecuted, and Police cannot deal with suspected gangsters without fear of recriminations. It’s very laudable to have laws protecting the people, but criminals are also using these laws to protect themselves from prosecution.

This seems to have lead to a lack of respect for anyone or anything, on the part of some of the UK’s youth, who carry on being destructive in the knowledge that the law cannot touch them bacause it’s too soft (Due to Government guidelines which don’t give them much power) or they’re too young for jail. It is a similar situation in many schools, with teachers being powerless to stop disruptive pupils.

As a result some of these  people seem incapable of understanding the difference between right and wrong and need to be taught that there are consequences if you do something wrong. However ome parents don’t seem able to/or are unwilling to, instill a concept of Right and Wrong in their kids minds.

I understand that some people are feeling frustated & disenfranchised by what is happening in today’s society but this is not the right way to deal with your concerns.

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What is this world coming to?

I am appalled and Shocked by the recent sickening scenes of mindless thuggery, criminal mobs burning buildings, looting shops, terrorising residents, wanton acts of destruction and violence, stealing and rioting on the Streets of London, Birmingham and Liverpool. I can’t see any reason for it, I know it has its roots in the police shooting of suspected gangster Mark Duggan last Thursday. but now it has now descended into ‘pure criminality’ and ‘thieving on a mass scale’ and is still escalating.

Many People have been forced to turn vigilante and take the law into their own hands in order to defend homes and businesses across the capital and have been forced onto the streets  to protect their homes, families and businesses, by arming themselves with whatever and chasing looters away from their properties.

Last night Many Turkish shopkeepers and their families took to the streets in north London to defend their businesses & fought back against looting youths, before spending the night standing shoulder-to-shoulder in an attempt to deter further attacks. Meanwhile South of the river in Tooting,  Asian shopkeepers shut up early and stood guard outside their stores with their relatives to protect them.

Unfortunately only a small number of police showed up last night to deal with the problem and unsurprisingly failed to contain the violence in many areas, or in some cases failed to materialise at all and lost control of the streets. They did what they could but found themselves outnumbered & stretched to breaking point by the sheer scale of the troubles during which Many officers were injured

But Despite all this trouble, the Home Secretary Theresa May seemed to rule out deploying the Army or using any kind of force to quell the disorder, Saying that ‘We need robust policing but we also need to ensure that justice is done through the courts’ .  Despite increasing calls for the police to get tough with the rioters she advocates a more “Softly-Softly” approach (How can you have “Robust Policing” and a “Softly-softly” approach at the same time?)

Tonight In order to stop a repeat of last night’s events An unprecedented number of police officers will be on the streets of London, and the Prime Minister announced, an Emergency Parliament will be recalled for a day on Thursday to decide how to tackle the problem. (Bit late now, this trouble’s been going since last week).

The most appalling event came when Birmingham Children’s Hospital found itself under attack from rioters who threatened to set it on fire – in an evil bid to ‘win respect’ from fellow thugs by hoping to ‘out-riot’ yobs running amok in London. Frightened Staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital barricaded themselves inside and Police ordered an immediate lock-down of the hospital, which cares for some of Britain’s sickest children and has looked after me on a number of occasions.

Late Last night the Metropolitan Police also changed tactics & started using Armoured Vehicles after substantial damage was caused to shops and local businesses, this tactic was deemed to be successful and may be used again.

Over the past few days many Ordinary people have had their lives turned upside down by this mindless thuggery. The amount of destruction these idiots have caused and fear they have put into the hearts of decent people who have done nothing to anyone. Many hard working citizens have also seen thier livelihoods go up in smoke, some Fire and Ambulance crews have also been attacked, and for what? I have never seen such a blatant disregard for human life, This violence is simply inexcusable.