Torchwood – Miracle Day

The latest exciting episode of Miracle Day sees Various governments putting  Contigeancy plans in place to cope with the increased demand on the health services, by introducing sinister official overflow camp for the Terminally Ill, and predictably all sorts of serious illnesses start running rife.

Meanwhile Convicted Murderer Oswald Danes (Bill Pullman) and Investigative Journalist Gilly (Lauren Ambrose) address a Miracle Day Rally and after a shaky start he manages to win the crowd over and is hailed as a sort of Saviour for mankind.

Torchwood then  decide that they need to investigate what is actually going on in these Overflow camps and come up with a daring plan to gain access to the facillities and are shocked by what they find.

Now that’s more like it

Police finally seem to be getting the upper hand, and have been raiding the homes of Riot Suspects troublemakers and looters who took part in the recent disturbances. So far More than 800 people have been arrested in London alone, with over 300 already being charged with criminal offences, and the three deaths in Birmingham during the disturbances also seem to have had an effect.It seems that the ‘softly softly’ approach has been shelved and police have finally be given the backing to come down hard on these offenders.

On Wednesday youths rampaged through Manchester City Centre causing widespred carnage, burning and looting shops as they went, fighting running battles with police, and the Police took a more robust approach and it worked, so they’ve obviously taken the hint.

However despite the increased Police presence there are some thugs who are still defiant, unafraid of the consequences and showing a terrifying sense of impunity about their role in the recent violent clashes and horrific mob violence.

 Many blame the riots on moral collapse and the breakdown of the family, and there is now a huge public demand to bring the rioters to justice with an Online Government Petition being set up, calling for looters to be evicted from Council Properties and lose their benefits, stating that any welfare-dependent rioters convicted of offences should surrender their state handouts and that no Tax payer should have to contribute to those who have destroyed or stolen property from thier community

The problem is if you evict them where do they go? and if you send them to Prison, the Tax-Payer still pays towards thier upkeep, this may inadvertantly cause even more trouble and make the situation even worse, besides some of the rioters aren’t even on benefits, an own their own homes.