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The Imagined Village – Empire and Love

Recently I have been listening to “Empire and Love”by the Imagined Village”. It is a folk music project founded by Simon Emmerson of the Afro Celt Sound System, which is intended to produce modern folk music that represents modern multiculturalism in the United Kingdom. It features musicians from a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and The name of the project comes from the 1993 book “The Imagined Village” by Georgina Boyes.

The brainchild of Afro Celt Sound System veteran Simon Emmerson, “The Imagined Village” has some very famous musicians such as folk musicians Martin and Eliza Carthy, who are joined by people like Billy Bragg, Paul Weller, Johnny Kalsi and a host of other well known contributors from across the British musical spectrum.

This has created a wonderful mixture of contrasting styles such as mixing Traditional Folk with touches of Bhangra, and Middle Eastern Music mixed with 60’s psychadelic inspired tunes.

The Imagined Village are also playing at this years Shrewsbury Folk Festival at the end of August, which should be awesome.


* My Son John
* Sweet Jane
* Space Girl
* Byker Hill
* Scarborough Fair
* Mermaid
* The Hand Weaver and the Factory Girl
* The Lark in the Morning
* Rose Buds in June/ Mrs Preston
* Cum on feel the Noize
* Scarborough Fair (Reprise)

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I’ve recently been watching this DVD series which was recently given away  with the Telegraph Newspaper.

Narrated by Robert Powell this seven part series looks at the first World War, and the events that brought one of Europes longest periods of peace and prosperity to an end with such unprecedented violence, carnage, death and destruction.

The series also looks at the development of new weapons and the progress of technology during this time, which completely changed the way wars were fought, and introduced such things as The Machine Gun, The Tank, The Aeroplane, The Submarine and the Aircraft Carrier. Episodes in this series are

* The Violent Century
* The World Goes to War 1900-1914
* Blood and Mud – Trench Warfare in the West
* War of the Eagles – The Eastern Front
* Battle Fleets and U-Boats-Naval Warfare
* Aces High – Air Warfare
* The War to end all Wars – 1918 and the aftermath