Roots – The best of Show of Hands

As well as The Imagined Village I have also been listening to folk group Show of Hands recently. I remember seeing them at a local Folk Festival years ago, and they were very good. They are also playing at this years Shrewsbury Folk Festival alongside  Bellowhead, The Imagined Village, Cara Dillon and many others. Should be great fun 😀


Here is the track-listing for Roots-The Best of Show of Hands


* Are We Alright
* Exile
* Country Life
* Widecombe Fair
* The Falmouth Packet/ Haul Away Joe
* Santiago
* Armadas
* The Blue Cockade
* Crow on the Cradle
* The Preacher
* Cousin Jack
* Cold Frontier
* Hard Shoulder
* Captains
* The Galway Farmer


* Columbus (Didn’t find America)
* You’re Mine
* The Blind Fiddler
* The Setting/ Mary from Dungloe
* The Bristol Slaver
* Port Isaac
* The Train/Backwaterside
* Be Lucky
* Longdog
* The Keeper
* The Downeaster “Alexa”

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