Is there no beginning to this woman’s talents?

As if the news of a new series of Celebrity Big Brother, starting Thursday 18th August wasn’t bad enough, I have just read that Katie Price A.K.A Glamour model Jordan wants to release an album next year. – Dear God no!

Five years ago Katie released an album entitled A Whole New World and her debut single Free To Love Again, got to No 60 in the charts last year.
Katie has asked fans what sort of songs they would like her to sing. (How about a cover version of a Radiohead song called “Fake Plastic Tits” 😀

She tweeted: “I want to do another album for next year what would my fans prefer cover songs (of what) new songs or mixture?” When one suggested Adele’s Someone Like You, she replied: “Me and Leo love that song its our fav song.” She also said that the album would be made for charity. (And it probably would end up in a charity shop)