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There’s nothing like good television…

… And Big Brother is nothing like…etc. Two days in and I am  already fed up with Big Brother. I find that it often makes for uncomfortable watching because they put people in horrible situations for entertainments sake, and you would have to be pretty twisted to find some of the things they do entertaining or funny.

It is as if  they deliberately do horrible things in order to make you feel sorry for these ex-celebrities, soapstars, singers so that you forget their past misdemeanors and they can relaunch their careers. This years presenter Brian Dowling also really annoys me as well.

I liked former presenter Dermot O’Leary. Although I am glad that he  has gone on to better things, I often thought he was far too good at his job for this rubbish and deserved much better. Can’t channel 5 resurrect something good rather than making the viewers cringe by watching this,  it’s more of an endurance test than entertainment.