Lenny Kravitz – Black and White America

Lenny Kravitz’ new album “Black and White America” was released today (Mon 22nd August) So I decided to get it. Songs range from sounding like New York 70’s funk and Disco, laid back soul, ballads to Hard edged Rock. which Deal with a number of different themes

My Favourite songs are Black & White America, Come on Get it, In The Black, Rock Star City Life, Stand, Superlove, Everything, Can’t be without You, Life ain’t ever been better, The Faith of a Child and Sunflower. Which Basically means most of them

I have also just made the decision to stop  using words like “Awesome” “absolutely” “Epic” and “Basically” in my posts as well. They are becoming  cliches – right, where did I put that Thesaurus?


Here is the Track Listing

* Black & White America
* Come on Get It
* In the Black
* Liquid Jesus
* Rock Star City Life
* Boongie Drop
* Stand
* Superlove
* Everything
* I Can’t be Without You
* Looking Back on Love
* Life ain’t ever been better
* The Faith of a Child
* Sunflower
* Dream
* Push