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DC Fontana – Six angainst Eight

DC Fontana are another band I have seen recently as part of Bridgborth Music Fest, I really enjoyed their performance so I decided to get the album, which is a Lively slice of Bouncy 1960’s inspired Psychedelia, mixed with touches of Eastern Mysticism and laid-back accoustic ballads. It is full of Bright and breezy songs which are perfect for a summer’s day or when you need cheering up.

Saturn in Her Eyes is one of my favourite songs on the album, Switchblade love is about escaping from a destructive relationship, Snake Charmer is an upbeat lively song with a really infectious chorus. Poor boy is a song about unrequited love and The video for six against Eight was inspired by cult 60’s Television series “The Prisoner” Starring Patrick McGoohan.

  • The Contessa
  • Remember Me
  • Saturn in her Eyes
  • Switchblade Love
  • You Strip me bare
  • Satisfies (Part 2)
  • Winona Ryder
  • Snake Charmer
  • Poor Boy
  • Benny
  • Someone is Liable to get hurt
  • Sleeping with X
  • Six against Eight
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Torchwood – Miracle Day

I’ve recently watched the latest exciting installment of Torchwood, in which Captain Jack (John Barrowman) Gwen (Eve Myles)and Agent Rex (Mekhi Phifer) pay a visit to Angelo Colasanto in modern day USA, and discover a strange alien artefact hidden under the floor.

They also learn about Three sinister Underground criminal organisations who experimented in a process called Transdifferentiation in the 1930’s, which is somehow linked to recent events at PhiCorp and the the so-called “Miracle”.