Torchwood – Miracle Day

In the final part of  Russell T Davies’s rejuvinated series of Torchwood we find dodgy reporter GillyKitzinger (Lauren Ambrose) meeting up with the shadowy forces behind the Miracle and learning just why it has affected the whole planet.

Meanwhile Oswald Danes (Bill Pullman)  has also taken Jack (John Barrowman) and Gwen (Eve Myles)to meet the shadowy forces behind the blessing,  and they also Meet up with Gilly, and discover what The Blessing is and that it is being used as part of a sinister agenda by an unscrupulous organisation who are only interested in exploiting  the situation for their own evil purposes.

Jack and Agent Rex (Mikhi Phifer) think they have discovered a way to reverse the effects of the so-called “Miracle” and bring everything back to normal, unfortunately Oswald Danes gets involved and manipulates the situation so that perfectly fit people also die if the miracle is reversed, leading Esther to make the ultimate sacrifice…

17th Bridgnorth CAMRA Beer Festival/SVR Bus Rally

In association with CAMRA (The Campaign for Real Ales) The 17th Bridgnorth CAMRA Beer Festival is being held down at the Severn Valley Railway Station in Bridgnorth from Thursday, 15 September until Sunday 18th September. Entry is free and It will be a chance for people to try out more than fifty local & not so local brews from around Britain sich as “Shropshire Lad”, “Ludlow Gold” and “Titanic White Star”, Perry & Cider will also be available as will soft drinks, and there will also be a Pig Roast on Friday and Saturday. Souvenir half pint mugs will also be available, and having been down there the past few years, I am building up quite anice collection of these 😀

I’ve always enjoyed myself down there in previous years, there is a lovely atmosphere and the staff are really friendly, So I thought I’d blog about it, although my blogging does tend to go a bit strange once I’ve had a few 😀  and the metal footbridge tends to feel a bit wierd too if you’ve had a few beers and it starts vibrating due to the number of people crossing it at the same

In addition On Sunday 13th September There is also a Vintage & Historic Bus Rally at Bewdley, during which  a variety of historic Buses and Commercial Vehicles will be on display at Bewdley Station. There will also be Vintage Bus Rides and Trade Stands at the Station.