Nirvana-Nevermind 20th Anniversary Edition

Monday 26th September sees the release of the Remastered Nirvana – Nevermind 20th Anniversary Edition on Double CD, to celebrate 20 years since this classic album was first released. Here is the Track-listing, plus four awesome tracks from the a;bum courtesy of YouTube

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit 
2. In Bloom 
3. Come As You Are 
4. Breed 
5. Lithium 
6. Polly 
7. Territorial Pissings 
8. Drain You 
9. Lounge Act 
10. Stay Away 
11. On A Plain 
12. Something In The Way 
13. Even In His Youth 
14. Aneurysm 
15. Curmudgeon 
16. D – 7 live at the BBC 
17. Been A Son (live) 
18. School (live) 
19. Drain You (live) 
20. Sliver (live) 
21. Polly (live) 

1. In Bloom (Smart Studios previously unreleased) 
2. Immodium (aka Breed Smart Studios previously unreleased) 
3. Lithium (Smart Studios previously unreleased) 
4. Polly (Smart Studios previously unreleased mix) 
5. Pay To Play (Smart Studios) 
6. Here She Comes Now (Smart Studios) 
7. Dive (Smart Studios previously unreleased) 
8. Sappy (Smart Studios previously unreleased) 
9. Smells Like Teen Spirit (THE BOOMBOX REHEARSALS) 
10. Verse Chorus Verse (THE BOOMBOX REHEARSALS previously unreleased) 
11. Territorial Pissings (THE BOOMBOX REHEARSALS previously unreleased) 
12. Lounge Act (THE BOOMBOX REHEARSALS previously unreleased) 
14. Old Age (THE BOOMBOX REHEARSALS previously unreleased) 
15. Something In The Way (THE BOOMBOX REHEARSALS previously unreleased) 
16. On A Plain (THE BOOMBOX REHEARSALS previously unreleased) 
17. Drain You (BBC SESSIONS previously unreleased) 
18. Something In The Way (BBC SESSIONS previously unreleased)

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