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Recently restored 1926 Super Sentinel no 6426

Being a huge steam engine enthusiast myself, I was really interested when I recently read this article

A dilapidated 1926 Super Sentinel steam tractor, which had not been used for half a century, caught the eye of Steam Enthusiast David Maris while he was on holiday in Australia in 1992 . So He bought what was left of the machine, a chassis and four wheels, for ‘a substantial sum’ and after a lengthy battle to obtain a work permit he finally shipped it back to England during 2006.

David, a former owner of a plant hire firm, then spent every spare hour during the next four years trawling the country for spare parts as as he set about restoring it to it’s former glory, making any parts he could not find, himself.

The 18 ft long tractor weighs seven tonnes, has a maximum speed of 12 mph and runs on coal which costs £200 a tonne. It also holds 230 gallons of water.

originally manufactured in Shrewsbury, The Vintage 1926 Super Sentinel Tractor No 6426 has also recently won an award for the best steam tractor at the The Great Dorset Steam Fair, which is the biggest events of its kind in the world. The vehicle is one of only two left in the world with similar engines being valued at more than £250,000.

Mr Maris, who has also worked on four steam engines in the past, said that he felt a great sense of achievement when he finished It, and now takes it to Traction Engine Rallies all over the country, where it generates a great deal of interest. (If you do a search for “Rally in the Valley” in the box on the left you will also find Sentinel No 8571).

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Hey! Ho! lets Go!

Johnny Ramone AKA John William Cummings, The Guitarist and one of the founding members of one of the worlds most influential Punk Rock Band The Ramones would have celebratedhis birthday on 8th October had he not tragically died from Prostate Cancer in September 15th 2004. So to mark the occasion here are a few wonderfully energetic classics courtesy of YouTube