Boldly going where no singer has ever been before…

…and will hopefully never go again 😀  Recently I found out that Star Trek actor William Shatner (A.K.A Captain Kirk) has done a whole load of cover versions of some great songs. (Well they were great  until he got hold of them) I  thought they were all hilarious, so I decided to share them with you.

Hardest Hit

A recent analysis by disability campaigners mobilising for the Hardest Hit marches this weekend, protesting about cuts in welfare support, shows that the government will need to take an extra £1bn from social security to make up the shortfall, and as usual Disabled people face harsher cuts to their benefits because they are seen as vulnerable and an easy target for the Government.

As many as 2 million disabled people also risk losing welfare support because of the introduction of a flawed assessment scheme that means billions of pounds will not be paid to those who need it most, warns the disability charity Scope. The charity also says the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which the government is introducing to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA), has a failed regime of eligibility criteria.

Currently There are 1.8 million working-age DLA recipients in Britain, who will be affected by the government’s proposal to reassess recipients using a new work assessment and fewer rates of benefit. At least 600,000 people will also lose out because the lowest rates of support for care are being cut and almost all other working age claimants will be wrongly assessed.

“The Treasury has made it clear that they do not care where the axe falls – you simply have to deliver the savings. With the disabled already being targeted we will see more cash coming from the people least able to pay and in greatest need.”

One of the most significant, though little-heralded, changes of the government’s welfare reform bill, which is passing through the House of Lords, is that the welfare state should no longer be regarded as a savings bank. In the past the public were told that by paying into national insurance, they would be guaranteed benefits should they fall on hard times. Instead, the government will limit employment and support allowance to a year.

Coyle says that many of the allowance’s claimants, many of whom are disabled by terminal illness or severe injury, will lose £94.25 a week. “That’s £4,900 a year. This is unjust and wholly targets disadvantaged people and is much higher than the government’s quoted £36 a week.”

Jaspal Dhani, chief executive of the United Kingdom Disabled People’s Council, an umbrella group for hundreds of local disabled people’s organisations, said: ” It is extremely worrying to see that they need to save a further billion pounds. Does this mean a further round of cuts to the support disabled people rely on? Disabled people can’t be squeezed any further, that is why so many of us will be joining the Hardest Hit protests in cities across the country and online.”

Although Labour leader Ed Miliband and David Cameron clashed over the issue earlier this summer – when the Labour leader said that 7,000 cancer sufferers could lose out – there has been no stepping back from the government. Steve Winyard, chair of the Disability Benefits Consortium campaign group, which represents 40 charities, said: “Disabled people are experiencing a perfect storm of escalating living costs and cuts to support and benefits. But daily life costs more if you have a disability, which means disabled people are hit disproportionately hard.

“Many are already living in fear of cuts to essential benefits, which is why so many people are taking part in Hardest Hit protests, despite the physical and financial difficulties of getting to an event. If the government announce an extra billion pounds of cuts to disability benefit the impact will be devastating. We cannot sit back and allow the cuts to go unchallenged.”

Is Ricky Gervais really that funny?

The British government aren’t the only ones to have a go at Vulnerable disabled people. Ricky Gervais recently said of Susan Boyle – ” She looks like a mong”. Why does he do this? He maintains it is edgy comedy but Since it is not to make people laugh, the most convincing explanation is that Mr Gervais needs to act like an obnoxious bully in order to make himself look defiantly transgressive.

But because he is famous His language will not doubt be used by Ignorant thugs who are unlikely to become enlightened on this point, and will think it is okay to act like this towards Disabled people and it may serve to perpetuate discriminatory attitudes.

You certainly have to go back a long way to find this level of extreme, open contempt for disabled people, I’ve never liked Gervais much, I find, that although some of the moments in The  Office and Extras were quite funny, Most of of His humour seems to depend on cruel situations and victimisation of vulnerable people in order to get laughs, and is more cringe-worthy than funny. It may also serve to increase hate crimes against vulnerable or disabled people, because the unenligthtend think it’s funny to have a go at people who can’t strike back.

In fact in his new show he is paid to make fun of dwarfs (What is so edgy or funny about that?) and in an Idiot Abroad, he filmed it so that Karl Pilkington was repeatedly under stressful conditions and was shown during his worst moments.