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Interesting (and quite disturbing) stuff I’ve learnt recently

  • The average kitchen chopping board has 200% more faecal bacteria on it than the average toilet seat
  • More than one in four commuters have faecal matter on their hands
  • The salad drawer of your fridge may contain more than 750 times the level of bacteria deemed safe
  • How clean is your wash? Bacteria linked to skin and urine infections can only be killed at 40C and above
  • 43% of mothers don’t wash their hands after changing their baby’s nappy
  • One US study found that TV remote controls were the leading carriers of bacteria in hospital rooms
  • Flushing the toilet without putting the lid down can send germs as far as 6ft away
  • Handbags may carry up to 10,000 bacteria per square inch. 30% have faecal bacteria

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