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Armistice Day – True stories of World War II

All this week, in order To commemorate Armistice day and Remembrance Sunday, I have been watching all the World War I and World War II DVDs which I have collected through the years from various newspapers. They make make for fascinating and often harrowing viewing, and although they can never hope to recreate the terrible conditions exactly, they give some idea of the suffering many people went through durung this time, and the sacrifice many soldiers made in order to preserve the freedoms which today some of us take for granted, and on Monday I watched this fascinating series.

Telegraph True Stories of World War II DVD Collection

The True Story of the Dambusters
This DVD features the true story behind The Dambusters, who were the daring pilots of 617 Squadron who set off on the night of May 16th 1943 on a mission to breach the Dams of the Ruhr Valley in Germany in order to disrupt the Nazi War Effort, to do this they used the famous Bouncing Bomb which was designed by Barnes Wallace and required precision flying at low level in order to be effective

Of the 19 Lancaster bombers that were sent, eight never returned, but despite the losses the attack was a success and many factories were flooded and the Nazi war industry was affected greatly by the resulting water shortage.

The True Story of the Bridge on The River Kwai
This harrowing DVD looks at the true story behind the building of the Bridge on the River Kwai, which saw Allied POWs battling disease torture and starvation in order to hack through 255 Miles of Harsh Jungle to build the Thailand Burma Railway for the Japanese, this was achieved in only 14 Months at a horrendous cost.

 It is almost impossible to imagine the cruelty, Horror & Suffering endured by the Allied Prisoners during this time, and is sobering to think that more than 100 000 Men lost their lives during this time, caught up in a relentless cycle of Disease, cruelty & Death.

The True Story behind D-Day – The Longest Day
Using remarkable archive film, this fascinating DVD looks at the amazing events of June 6th 1944 when Operation Overlord, which was the culmination of two years planning, was finally put into practice & the largest invasion force ever assembled was given the job of putting more than 130 000 men ashore on the Normandy Beaches.

Meanwhile nearly 25 000 specialist troops were also deployed by Glider or dropped by parachute, with Bombers and fighters pounding the German defences in order to provide cover for them. This program looks at how the idea for this audacious plan was first conceived developed and finally executed.

The True Story of the Battle of Britain
Making dramatic use of rarely seen British, French & German film coverage, This is the true story of how, under the inspired leadership of Sir Winston Churchill, Britain was able to survive the thunderous assault by the Luftwaffe

It tells the story of the Desperately close run conflict between September 1939 and June 1941 that was either death or glory, and how Britain managed to win a tumultuous victory in the skies above Britain, which ultimately turned the tide of The Second World War.

I’ve also seen the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight a few times at the Severn Valley Railway’s popular World War II event and at Cosford. The sight and sound of those magnificent aircraft flying overhead is absolutely fantastic and totally unforgettable.

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