Toy Story 3

Recently I decided to watch Toy Story 3 again. In the third installment Andy has grown up and is due to leave for college soon, Meanwhile Buzz, Woody, Jessie and all the other toys face an uncertain future as to whether they are stored in the attic or get donated to the nearby Sunnydale nursery.

Unfortunately due to a slight mix-up all the toys apart from Woody end up being donated to Sunnydale instead of being stored in the attic. Once at Sunnydale the toys meet Lots”O”Huggin bear (Ned Beatty) and the wannabe thespian Mr Pricklepants (Timothy Dalton) and decide that maybe Sunnydale isn’t so bad after all. However Woody & Buzz discover the disturbing truth about the place and that Lots”o”Huggin may not be as nice as he first makes out.

So they resolve to escape from Sunnydale, which turns out to be much harder than they thought, and they end up having to take extreme measures to escape and nearly end up paying the ultimate price in the attempt.

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