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OX4- The Best of Ride

I used to be a big fan of Oxford band Ride and I would like to get the soon to be released 3CD boxed set “OX4: The Best of Ride”, which contains the best tracks from Ride’s brief but bright reign.

Ride are Probably best remembered as the progenitors of shoegazing, which dominated the early 90s indie scene, and specialised in skyscraping walls of Sound and noisy uplifting rock. They broke out of the boundaries of British rock music, by drawing on the extremities of bands such as the Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain, and the resulting songs all had an explosive rush that fizzed with enthusiasm.

The three discs comprise of: OX4, the greatest hits disc, Firing Blanks, which is a disc of unreleased material and The live disc, which was recorded at the 1992 Reading Festival and serves as a good document of Ride as a live band.

The album features tracks From their first two EPs, Ride and Play such as the starry-eyed clatter of “Chelsea Girl“, and the  harmonic jangle of “Like a Daydream”, to tracks from the Debut Album “Nowhere” like ‘Taste’, ‘Seagull’ ‘Dreams Burn Down’ & ‘Vapour Trail. By way of ‘Unfamilliar ‘From Time to Time’ ‘Twisterella’, ‘Leave Them All Behind’.

The album also contains awesome  tracks like ‘Drive Blind ”Eight Miles High’, ‘European Son’,’The Model’, ‘Sight Of You’, and ‘That Man’ and charts their growth from Shoegazers into champions of retrodelica, with Carnival of Light-era tracks such as “I Don’t Know Where It Comes From”. By summoning classic tunes out of the ether, Ride sounded like true pioneers.

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