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Beach Boys reforming

After years of bitter arguments and legal wrangling, the Beach Boys have announced they are reuniting. The founding members of the classic pop group – Brian Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine – announced recently that they are getting back together to celebrate their 50th anniversary. It was also revealed that they’re working on a new album and also plan a 50-date tour that will take them around the world.

Brian Wilson said in a statement: ‘This anniversary is special to me because I miss the boys, and it will be a thrill for me to make a new record and be on stage with them again.’ The group also includes Bruce Johnston and David Marks, both of whom have been with the band for decades, and In the 1960’s the band consisted of Love, Jardine, Wilson and his two brothers – Carl and Dennis Wilson, who have both since tragically died.

With songs like Good Vibrations,  I Get Around and California Girls, The Beach Boys gave birth to the California pop sound, and embodied the fantasy of West Coast beach life. Their album Pet Sounds, is considered by many to be a classic album and has influenced musicians of their generation and beyond.

Unfortunately in the 1970’s, things went downhill for the band after Wilson suffered mental problems due to the pressures of fame, this caused him to withdraw from the band, and was followed by years of acrimony & animosity between Love and Wilson, who are cousins, as well as lawsuits among members of the band.

Mike Love remarked recently that he and Wilson were now getting along well, sharing compliments together in the studio, stating that

‘Music has been the unifying and harmonizing fact of life in our family since childhood, and that It has been a huge blessing that we have been able to share with the world. he then added: ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Do It Again? Absolutely!’

The group was supposed to announce their reunion as a surprise during the Recording Academy’s live nominations special for the Grammys last month, but those plans fell through, However, Jardine said the group planned to appear at the Grammy telecast in Los Angeles on February 12 .

‘There will be a surprise at the Grammys,’ he told Rolling Stone. ‘We will do something really exciting. There’s a lot of interest in it, which is nice. It’s going to be a very big operation.’

The first concert is scheduled for April 27 at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

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Pitfalls of Social Networking

Facebook is one of the most popular Social Networking Sites. But despite this Some people are quitting  after realising that, in spite of it aiming to build closer ties among friends and colleagues, it is having the opposite effect, and that people are just seeing friends’ pictures and updates and learning all their news, without really connecting to them in any real way and this is making them feel more isolated and alienated.

Despite Facebook having a huge membership of more than 800 million active users worldwide, and roughly 200 million in the United States alone, or a staggering two-thirds of the population. People are finding that they are no longer calling their friends anymore, and are communicating via cyberspace instead of face-to-face, this has led to some feeling even more isolated and as a result some people are refusing to participate.

A Facebook free lifestyle can have it’s disadvantages in an era when people announce all kinds of major life milestones on the Web, people can miss all sorts of important events, such as birthdays, marriages and pictures of newborn babies,  but having a Facebook account can also create a gulf between you, your closest friends and nearest and dearest relatives.

Many people do not join Facebook, citing privacy as a concern, and Some make the decision not to use it because they are afraid of what might happen. Some people leave because it adds unneccesary virtual clutter that they don’t need in thier lives, such as updates about bad hair days and pictures of dinner plates.

Facebook executives say that their goal is to offer people a meaningful, fun and free way to connect with their friends, and have designed it so that it appeals to as broad an audience as possible, and are working on ways to keep current users on the site longer, which gives the company more chances to show them more adverts. They also say they don’t expect everyone in the country to sign up, and are concentrating instead, on keeping their current users entertained and coming back. The company’s biggest growth is now in places like Asia and Latin America, where there might actually be people who have not yet heard of Facebook. Having said that, The number of Facebook users  has also grown slightly in the USA, although this growth is down from previous years. This slowdown was not a make-or-break issue but it could mean that the novelty factor is wearing off.

I used to belong to Myspace but I found I was being hassled to become a fan of lots of up-and-coming bands I’d never heard of and was asked to become “Friends” with people I didn’t even know, so I left because I was getting a bit fed-up with that, although some of the bands were cool. I soon realised that some People on Social Networking sites may also not be who they say they are either, and was also being hassled to pass on a load of silly messages too, which got really annoying after a while.

I also find that there are a lot of pointless games of Facebook and you can waste hours playing them without actually achieving anything tangible, and once you reach a certain point the only way you can progress any further is by spending real money on a virtual game, So the novelty of these games has also worn off a bit for me.

These days my health is not so good and I am not able to get out and about much, so the Internet can be a real help for me to keep in contact with people and find out what is going on in the world. Of course it’s a question of striking the right balance between having a real life and interacting with people on Social Networking sites, I have also learnt some very interesting things thanks to the internet, I  think it is  case of using it responsibly.