Films to look forward to in 2012

  • Steven Spielberg’s latest film is the unashamedly sentimental War Horse, and is out on January 13, it is described as a classic family film that will wow audiences, but may not garner much acclaim from critics.
  • Clint Eastwood, directs the film J. Edgar, which is out on January 20th, and is a biopic of the former FBI chief J.Edgar Hoover. With Leonardo DiCaprio, playing the role of Hoover.
  • The Descendants  is described as a superb  comedy-drama is out on January 27th. Directed by Alexander Payne it is an Oscar contender in at least three categories: BestPicture, Actor (George Clooney) and Supporting Actress (Shailene Woodley).
  • Another dramatic highlight in 2012 will be Roman Polanski’s Carnage which is out onFebruary 3rd, and features excellent performances by Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilly.
  • Daniel Radcliffe begins his post-Potter film career with The Woman In Black,  a chilling thriller, which is out February 10th, and is  based on a stage play by James Watkins, an under-rated British talent who made a striking directorial debut with Eden Lake.
  • The entertaining comic thriller One For The Money is out on February 24th and is the first movie to be made out of Janet Evanovich’s long series of comic thrillers.

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