Marvel Superhero Graphic Novel Collection

Described as THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION FOR ANY MARVEL FAN. Hachette have published a fortnightly collection of the definitive collector’s series of graphic novels, featuring Many of Marvel’s greatest superheroes and favourite characters including Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Avengers, The Ultimates and The Uncanny X-Men.

Each book has been specially selected by experts so you can immerse yourself in the world of Marvel, and includes such stories as “The Amazing Spider-man – Doming Home”,”Uncanny X-Men – Dark Phoenix”,”Iron Man – Extremis”,”The Ultimates – Superhuman”,”Amazing Spider Man – Birth of Venom” and “Thor Reborn”.

Each book also includes special bonus content such as exclusive interviews with the authors and illustrators, character timelines, artist’s gallery and sketches, fact files and further reading recommendations.

The series Features the very best stories by some of Marvel’s most esteemed Authors including Chris Claremont, Frank Miller, Brian Michael Bendis, Alan Moore, Mark Millar, Grant Morrison and many more. The Marvel Universe is also brought to life in breath-taking style thanks to the incredible illustrative talents of top artists such as Alan Davis, John Byrne, Frank Quitely, Mark Bagley, Bryan Hitch, Olivier Coipel and Todd McFarlane.

Each book is a complete graphic novel showing the epic adventures of Marvel’s best known superheroes in a complete story arc, and To keep you up to date, key events leading up to the story are also explained in the bonus material. In addition The Illustrations on The spine of each book also build into a fantastic Marvel Landscape which was originally done by Marvel Artist Gabriele Dell’Otto.

The first introductory edition costs £2.99, the next £5.99 and each subsequent edition costs £9.99 every fortnight thereafter. Thus Cynics might say that the first few editions are being sold cheap in order to get you hooked on the series, and that if you buy them all at full price you’ll end up unwittingly spending a fortune over the months. Still the books look to be of a very high quality and will probably become highly prized collectibles in years to come, and the illustrations also look fantastic.

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